White sneakers: they’re bright, relaxed, and sporty. Once typically worn in the gym, today they’ve successfully made the transition to the street and even the club. Now a popular choice of men’s footwear, white sneakers are dominating the runway.

The best part? The versatility. White sneakers come in all different styles – premium leather or cool canvas – so there’s a pair to suit every man’s style.

But how to wear white sneakers? After all, if you style them wrong you could end up looking like a tacky tourist. And nobody wants that.

Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you. Here are the best ways to rock white sneakers with style. No sweating required.

1. Go Preppy

The preppy look is a great idea when wearing white sneakers. After all, that’s where the birth of the white sneaker began – when icon Steve McQueen encouraged men of the ’50s to don Chuck Taylor sneakers with cool cotton chinos and a Ralph Lauren polo top.

Today, the preppy look thrives. Especially among young men in their teens, twenties, and thirties.

The sporty vibe of white tennis canvas shoe pairs perfectly with the look. Go for a pastel shirt to enhance the preppy feel.

For this look, a pair of white sneakers by Converse, Lacoste, or Jack Purcell will work perfectly. Choose a low-cut canvas style to give a nod to the prepsters of the ’50s. We’re sure they’d be proud.

2. Pair with Shorts

If you’re wondering what to wear with white sneakers, shorts are an obvious choice. However, pairing shorts with white sneakers can be difficult to pull off, as the look can appear more gym-worthy than stylish streetwear.

To avoid the gym-goer look, keep the white sneakers lean and slim. And ditch the socks.

For warm weather, a trendy canvas pair is a cool option. But they give off a pretty casual look. So, if you’re wearing tailored chino shorts and a blazer, for example, you may want to opt for a dressier style.

Whatever your style, you can dress white sneakers up with shorts to suit you. If you’re a laidback kind of guy, you can’t go wrong with a plain fitted tee, comfortable shorts, aviator shades, and a perfectly crisp pair of white sneakers. It’s the perfect Sunday-cruising look!

3. Rock with Black Jeans

Another trendy way to wear white sneakers is to pair them with black jeans for the ultimate minimalistic look.

Contrasting against black jeans, white sneakers create a light escape from an otherwise dark look.

Keep the look minimal and take away any unnecessary items such as socks. Make sure your other clothing items like jackets and shirts are symmetrical to keep the outfit looking slick and cohesive.

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of white sneakers for this classic look, either high tops or low tops work depending on your taste. APC and Want les Essentiels offer chic varieties. Or you can turn to trusty Vans for an affordable option.

To complete this look, make sure your pants are tapered or cropped and finish it off with a trendy beanie or some simple silver jewelry.

4. Go Skater with Skinny Jeans

White sneakers look brilliant with denim. Especially so with straight-fit skinny jeans. Choose quality denim to pair with your sneakers to give off a slick and tidy look.

If you’re feeling brave, why not rock the double denim? Choose a denim jacket and break up the outfit with a belt. It’s the ultimate cool skater dude look.

For a chicer denim look, ditch the denim jacket for a collared shirt and a topcoat.

5. Look Smart in a Suit

Wondering how to wear white sneakers while looking smart? It’s time to pair them with a suit!

Tailoring is a huge commodity for the fashionable men as of late, and surprisingly a tailored suit pairs well with a fresh pair of white sneakers.

Teamed with a smart, tailored suit, white sneakers add an air of casual cool to an otherwise stuffy outfit.

With a smarter suit, keep your socks on. Particularly if you’re donning the whole works: tie, pocket square, and waistcoat.

If you’re willing to invest, luxury varieties of the white sneaker suit this look best.

6. Change It Up with Chinos

For a look that will take you from day to night, look no further than pairing your white shoes with chinos. Choose a pair made of quality jersey cotton that cuffs at the ankle.

Team them up with a casual jacket and a trendy urban tee to give off a cool and relaxed feel. While chinos are comfortable, they’re smart enough to wear both day and night. No having to go home for an outfit change during a busy day.

Select your favorite pair of high-top white sneakers to complete the look. Off-white has a wide selection of white sneakers that are perfect for the more casual day-to-night vibe.

How to Wear White Sneakers

With our styling advice, now you know how to wear white sneakers. Congratulations!

Remember – whatever brand or style of sneakers you choose, they need to remain sleek, white, and bright to make any outfit work. A pair that’s even slightly dirty will kill any suaveness you worked so hard to achieve.

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