It can be difficult nowadays to opt for a life in flats. From pictures of celebrities and social media influencers everywhere making heels look effortless to walking into the shoe section of shops and seeing them on all sides, it can be difficult to instead choose a life in flats. However, let’s be real, heels are uncomfortable and they make our feet ache. Here are some ways you can still achieve a classy look without having to slip on a pair of heels.

Pay Attention to the Length of Your Clothing

One of the key things you will need to nail first is the length of your clothes. High heels lengthen your legs so you want to avoid anything which cuts you at an awkward height and makes you look shorter. Pairing skirts with flats is often the hardest but it can lead to some really nice outfits with a little careful curation.

Add a Pop of Colour

Many people are used to adding a pair of statement heels to an outfit to bring it to life but there are plenty of flats out there which can cause the same effect. There are flats everywhere in bright colours or embroidered with patterns. These can be just as beautiful as any statement heel and will be just as effective when used as a statement shoe.

Add a Blazer and the Right Accessories

If you are worried that your outfit is too casual, add a blazer to balance it out. The blazer can add a touch of formality to even the most casual of outfits. Whether you are heading out on a first date or you are trying to make a pair of flats and jeans a bit more office-appropriate, adding a blazer can be just what you need.

You should also think more carefully about the accessories you have to play with. The right statement bag or a necklace can also be used to play up an outfit if you are concerned that your shoes are not doing it well enough.

Play with Opposites

One of the amazing things about fashion is that you can play with opposites and clashing prints however you like. Try experimenting to see what looks good with you. For example, pairing a maxi dress with fashionable trainers from Head Over Heels might not be to everyone’s tastes but you could pull it off. Head Over Heels also has many other shoes you could try if you want to mix things up even more, making it the perfect destination for anyone wanting to expand their style. For example, you could pair biker boots with a floral dress and a leather jacket to play a little bit with an edgy and feminine style.

Loafers Go with Everything

If you are really stuck trying to fund a pair of flats which will complement any outfit, you cannot go wrong with loafers. These versatile shoes can be used in combination with dresses and skirts, or shorts and jeans. Available in anything from black to animal print, they are the perfect way for you to dress up any outfit.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to style your outfits that do not require heels. Don’t think about having to dig out your one pair of court shoes as soon as you get a wedding invitation or make plans for a night out. There are many ways you can rock flats and create amazing outfits. It will save your feet and teach you a whole new way to style your clothes. Try putting together a stylish outfit using flats today!