There isn’t a single person who always feels completely confident and satisfied with the clothes they wear and the way those clothes make their body look. When talking about swimsuits, that becomes even more emphasized since the few strands of material we do have on us usually leave very little to the imagination and make us face all of our insecurities head on. But just like with any other clothing piece, you can use the different models to your advantage, enhancing your best features and concealing things you don’t want on display. So let’s go over some of the most common body types and the best swimsuit to match it.

Pear shape

Women who are pear-shaped, also known as triangle-shaped, are those who generally have wider hips and a smaller chest. Finding swimsuits for that shape can sometimes be challenging, simply because they might need one size for the bottoms and another for the top. In these cases, it’s best to find sets that sell the bottoms and tops individually, so that you can choose the right size for each one. If you want to bring less attention to your lower half, avoid any bows or ruching on the sides, and go for a solid color or minimal print. However, being pear-shaped gives you a lot more room to play with different styles of tops, since you can wear most shapes comfortably. Go for something with a ruffle layer or other additions that will make your top half look more balanced with your bottom half. You can also draw the attention upwards by wearing something like an asymmetrical top or one with interesting prints and decorations.

Square & apple shape

Referring to women who have an evenly balanced chest and hips, but no distinct waistline, the square and apple shapes are often most forgiving with many different types of swimsuits, but there are still things you can do to make sure you look your best: Wearing a one-piece with cut-out details on the sides of your torso is a great way to visually create a waistline, since the eye follows the shape of the swimsuit. Try to avoid any pieces that look boxy, like a bandeau top with boxer shorts, since they won’t flatter your figure at all. Give different styles with interesting details a try, like high thigh lines, cut outs, tie-ups and anything that will give an interesting shape to your body and draw the eye to whichever part you want to emphasize.

Hourglass shape

A lot of people might say that the hourglass shape – meaning proportionate chest and hips, along with a narrow waist – is the shape that is the most desirable, but when it comes to choosing the right swimsuit for it, it’s not as easy as you might think. The aim of a swimsuit for an hourglass shape is to accentuate the waist while keeping both halves of your body balanced, which is why it’s best to wear high-waist bikinis and classic tops that provide plenty of support for your chest. One-pieces with side panels that are either cut out, mesh, ruched or a different material altogether are also very popular, because the simplicity of the suit means that all the attention will be on your shape. Avoid ultra high thigh lines and tops that don’t offer you enough support, because there is no way to feel good if you are worried about your swimsuit falling off.

Remember that, when wearing a swimsuit, the most important thing is how you feel in whatever you are wearing, so make sure that you put comfort and support first, and choose something that will allow you to truly have fun in the sun!