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Excessive sweating affects the life of a natural person. The odor created by the sweat makes you feel embarrassed when you sit with your friends or colleagues at the office. Additionally, it also spoils your clothing by leaving behind the traces of stains in the armpit region. So, if you belong the category of sweating a lot, then the following tips will be helpful in curing it without the use of an antiperspirant. They are natural and further help in healing the situation without causing any trouble to the skin.


Reducing stress is a priority. It not only helps in eliminating the components that are helping for releasing excessive sweat but also improves overall health. Do not let stress trigger the nervousness, which releases sweat excessively.

Stop caffeine

If you consume caffeine intake, then it is time to cut down the amount or stop it altogether. Caffeine increases anxiety levels, which once again triggers the sweat glands.


Although acupuncture is painful, it does naturally offer a lot of cure. The method helps in creating a balance between the energy levels belonging to different parts of the body. It also helps in reducing the stress and relaxes the brain.

Opt for cold showers

People often opt for hot showers as it is soothing and removes stress from the body. However, cold shower too works wonders and helps in eliminating the entrance of bacteria. It is preferable to use an anti-bacterial soap during the shower.

Including tomato soup

Including a bowl of tomato soup during lunch or dinner will be helpful in reducing the sweat. The vitamins present in the vegetable works wonders for the process of reducing sweat without the use of a deodorant.

Drinking water

Keeping the body hydrated is of immense importance. It removes excessive minerals and wastes from the body, apart from lowering the body temperatures, which could be one of the reasons behind excessive sweating.

Avoid spicy, sugary, and processed foods

Although spicy and sweet foods are delightful when tasted, they do cause side effects. Due to the excessive spice and sugar content, the body tends to sweat a lot after you consume a meal. The same goes with chemically processed foods, as these chemicals aggravate sweating. Keep away from them to avoid excessive sweating.

Eating the right foods

Ensure that the food that you are consuming has the required complex B ratio of the daily value. It will help in breaking down the food and prevent excessive sweating.

Avoiding alcohol and smoke

Keep away from alcohol and quit smoking if you are one. The chemicals in the body cause a delay in the blood circulation and make it hard for the nutrients to break down food, which makes you sweat more!


Yoga helps in calming down the entire system and functionality of the body. As it teaches you the proper breathing technique, you will be in a position to control your anger or stress, whenever you feel it, and allow the body to remain cool, leaving no chance for the sweat glands to release sweat.