Transitioning from a male body to a female is an exciting time in your life where you finally feel ready to be yourself. Hopefully, you have found that those around you are happy for your happiness, and accept and love you for exactly who you are. However, there’s no denying that the transition process from male to female can also be quite scary and daunting; you can expect some big changes to be taking place from simply taking hormones alone and you’ll quickly find physical changes such as less body and facial hair, wider hips, and the development of breasts. However, many transgender ladies also opt for cosmetic surgery alongside gender reassignment surgery, to help fine-tune these feminine features and finally get the look that they desire. Here are the plastic surgery options to consider.

#1. Facial Surgery:

Cosmetic surgery can help you to achieve more feminine facial features; facial feminisation surgery is one of the plastic surgery options at The Face Surgeons, a leading London cosmetic surgery clinic. You can choose from a number of options when it comes to facial feminisation; for example, a rhinoplasty or nose job can give you a smaller and more feminine nose. The procedure also often includes brow lifting; the female eyebrow is usually higher and more arched and this can make a significant different to your appearance. Forehead and hairline surgery can also be performed to reduce frontal bossing (prominent forehead appearance) and lower the hairline. Finally, orbital rib can be reshaped to widen the eye sockets and produce a more feminine eye shape.

#2. Breast Augmentation:

Whilst taking hormone tablets to help with your transition will usually lead to the development of breasts, many transgender ladies want to ensure that their assets are nothing short of perfect. So, it’s no surprise that breast augmentation surgery is a popular option. Breast implants will ensure that your breasts are the perfect size and shape; you’ll work with your surgeon to determine what the right options are for you and what is going to look right on your body. Nipple reconstruction surgery may also be considered to achieve larger, more feminine areolas. If you’re hoping for a more natural look, then speak to your cosmetic surgeon about the different options available to you – for example, you may be eligible for a fat transfer procedure where fat is taken from elsewhere on your body and used to enlarge the breast.

#3. Lips, Mouth and Skin Treatments:

Finally, you might want to consider surgery on your lips and even your skin to add the finishing touches to your look and feel a million dollars. Lip fillers and other similar procedures are a popular choice with transgender ladies; since female lips tend to be fuller and plumper than males, this can make all the difference when it comes to achieving more feminine facial features. Lastly, skin treatments such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion can be used to achieve softer and more feminine skin.

Plastic surgery can help you finally achieve the post-transition look of your dreams.

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