When it comes to caring for your designer wardrobe, can you ever be too careful? Unfortunately, the answer is no, and many of us are guilty of falling into the trap of only using the very bare minimum to protect our items. However, just because you pay over the odds for your favorite pieces – there’s no reason to let them suffer! With these simple tips, you’ll be able to nurture your luxury clothing and accessories, so they continue to look fabulous long after you’ve purchased them.

  1. Work with professionals

Exquisitely detailed, beautifully made party dresses are treasures to be cherished. Sharing your unique outfit with the world is what makes special occasion dressing so much fun. Unfortunately, many older or more delicate clothes are made with incredible detailing and loads of layers of material – not to mention elaborate decorations – which cannot stand the stress of the standard wash. So, for your expensive clothes to last longer, it’s best not to wash them at home. Once you take them to the cleaners, they will get your designer goods sparkling clean without causing any damage to them.

party dresses

party dresses

  1. Store Your Bags Correctly

Maintaining your bags will be easy if you make sure to find a suitable space to store them. This space should be challenging, dry and cool. Also, be sure that your bags are appropriately stuffed before you put them away. Soft, padded clothing and tissue paper are the best to store them in. Try to keep it upright as much as possible, but if you have to lay it down, make sure it’s not in a pile. You can also avoid piling by storing each bag separately from the other.



  1. Protect against color transfer

Patent leather and suede can also be susceptible to color transfer. Direct contact with lighter-colored clothing may lead to color transfer, either in your garment or jeans. Washing alone does not guarantee that the color will not transfer to other clothes. Just make sure they’re colored locked before you spray them.

  1. Avoid washing premium jeans.

You’ve spent a lot on your new designer jeans, so why abuse them by throwing them in the washing machine every week? When you buy premium denim, the last thing you want to do is wash them—especially if they’re new. After a few years, a premium pair of jeans will lose their shape and fade over time if washed too often. For your most worn pair of jeans, we recommend washing them only when necessary. Wash separately using lukewarm water and a mild detergent, then rinse out before machine drying.



  1. Use Dustbags for travel.

Dustbags are specifically designed to store luxury goods for travel. Luxury goods require special care when being transported from place to place, and dustbags make this possible. So if you’re taking a vacation with your luxury goods, make sure to dustbag them! You can also use dust bags in a pinch when packing a large bag that has already been filled. Turn the dustbag inside out and insert your smaller bags into it for added protection and room efficiency during long trips.