Boho style is endlessly flexible, but you will need a few pieces on which to base your outfits. Be ready to choose bold colors, lots of layers, and plenty of jewelry. Don’t be afraid to turn one thing into another; a lovely shawl can be wrapped around your waist to serve as an over-skirt, and a long necklace can be looped into a choker or even a bracelet.

Summer Dress

While a lot of boho garments can be mixed and matched, experts do recommend you treat yourself to a few pieces from a boho boutique clothing store, especially if you are just wearing one garment in the summer heat. While your summer dress can be a maxi or a mini, focus on the following to get a true boho look:

  • tiers
  • long layers
  • lace
  • bold colors

Keep things loose and comfy all the way down to your skin; after all, part of the early revolution of boho style was the rejection of corsets!

Necklaces and Bracelets

The keyword for boho jewelry is more. Be ready to stack beads and chains. Turn a scarf or bandana into a choker. Add charms to your wristwatch strap or save them for long, dangly chains.

Color doesn’t matter; both gold and silver work for boho. Boosting your boho jewelry collection can easily be done at thrift stores, but the real treasure is found at estate sales. If nobody else wants great grandma’s old turquoise beads, they may well be tumbled into a box and tucked under a table at an estate sale. Be ready to do some digging; the reward will be worth it!

Scarves and Shawls

Look for square scarves you can use as a shawl. Again, your local thrift store can provide you with a lot of raw goods that you can turn into a top, a vest, or even a skirt. If you have any crafting ability, consider learning to finger knit to create an open weave shawl that you can carry with you in the spring and fall.

Endless loop scarves can be knotted and decorated with charms and pendant pieces. Add a simple safety pin to your loop scarf and hang your charms at the bottom of your scarf loop. Remember that the weight will drag the scarf down just a bit; if you don’t want to jingle, just hang one pendant.


One kimono in a bold pattern can be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. If you already have a loosely constructed jacket and want to boho it up a bit, look for some vintage pins you can add over your heart and loop a scarf around your neck.

You can also embellish your kimono a bit more permanently with lace or fringe from your favorite fabric store. If you’re not sure about a permanent addition, consider adding a single tassel to a chain and wearing it as a necklace to get used to the feel before you add fringe to your jacket.

Comfy Shoes

The origins of boho style came from a time when artists and musicians, formerly cared for in the patronage system, were cut adrift and forced to find work as freelancers. They needed to be able to travel. Tall sandals with lots of detail are certainly in, as long as they’re comfortable. Heels are not included in the origins of this style.

Low-Heeled Boots

Any style of boot can be boho as long as they are comfy. Your cowboy boots can be a great match with a minidress, why not? Flat and low-heeled boots are key. Turn a summer maxi into a warmer garment with boots and a fluffy shawl.

Hats and Headpieces

A broad-brimmed hat is critical for summer. Add a ribbon, a scarf, or a string tie in high winds. Don’t forget feathers and silk flowers if you need a bit of embellishment.

Be ready to be bold on other headpieces. You may need a wreath of flowers to celebrate an outing with friends in the spring. Leave your hair down and fasten a layered necklace around your forehead so the gems hang on top of your hair. Finish the look with a ribbon around your forehead.

Boho is endlessly flexible. This is originally the style of creative folks who had great skill but little money. Keep an eye out at thrift stores, estate sales, and yard sales. Visit the clearance rack at your local fabric store. Have fun and let your creativity fly!