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Boyfriend jeans remain trendy. They suit girls so much that girls were in no hurry to part with a comfortable style. A loose fit, so to speak “from the male shoulder”, makes jeans interesting and non-trivial. We will plunge into the history and find out how this style appeared and in general trousers, as well as how boyfriend jeans differ from mom and bananas.


Boyfriend jeans are a low-rise straight cut pair of jeans. They are sewn knowingly a little shortened or when worn they will need to be tucked. The edges may be raw, with threads sticking out from below. Of course, since the time of Katie Holmes, jeans have undergone some changes to adapt the style to the female figure.

The color palette of jeans is very diverse. This style needs a fabric with a worn effect, so denim is specially aged and creates scuffs. Thanks to this, the threads are made softer and more pleasant to the body. Regarding the fit, low and high waist options are now on sale.

Boyfriends love for the comfort of movement.

Boyfriend jeans are a street style attribute. How should boyfriend jeans sit on a girl? Now the pants fit well in the hips, and closer to the bottom they can taper slightly. Loose wide trousers – that which remained unchanged. This is what makes jeans so comfortable to wear.


Boyfriend jeans are universal and suitable for almost all types of girls. The abundance of styles allows you to choose the best style for a particular figure. During shopping, consider a couple of points:

  • Height
  • Body type

If you are the owner of a miniature figure and short stature, look at the narrowed trousers without any turns. Lapels in the front with boyfriend Jeans visually shorten the legs. Pants with a high waist and denim of a straight cut with neat arrows are another win-win option for low girls.

The arrows on the pants visually slim and add growth. Slender tall girls are great baggy boyfriends. They emphasize the fragility of a female figure. Pants can be straight and narrow, light and dark. The high landing will make a good emphasis on a slender waist and growth.


Mom jeans or “mother’s jeans” originate in the 80-90s. In those years, women wore high-waisted trousers. From below, they narrowed slightly. The edges of this style can be tucked, stitched and protruding threads. Mom jeans emphasize the shape and lengthen the legs.

The main difference between boyfriends and mom jeans is landing. Classic boyfriends have straight legs and a low waist (on hips). However, both styles of trousers remain at the peak of popularity for more than one season. They are loved for their convenience and practicality since pants can hide the flaws of the figure. Low landing is a feature of classic boyfriends.

Another difference between jeans and boyfriends is the color scheme. As a rule, mom jeans are produced in light blue shades without scuffs. Boyfriends make different: in dark and light colors, torn, with the effect of lightening and in one color.


Pants bananas in shape resemble the fruit in whose honor is named. They are free, oblong, tapering to the bottom, sewn ankle-deep or slightly higher, emphasizing the graceful ankles. What is the difference between banana jeans and boyfriends? In the original version, the pants fit high, which cannot be said about the classic boyfriends. In addition, boyfriends can be straight and narrow.

Bananas skillfully hide a couple of extra pounds. Bananas in the hips always expand (for example, folds or other elements). This gives extra volume to the figure and is especially suitable for girls with narrow hips. Modern boyfriends, although they are slightly baggy, should “sit” well in the hips – this is what distinguishes banana jeans from boyfriends.


Boyfriends are combined with almost all clothes, so picking up a fashionable bow will be easy. They are worn with regular T-shirts, blouses, shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, jackets and leather jackets. To emphasize the waist, you need to tuck in the front of a blouse or shirt. This is especially appropriate if the jacket is made in the style of oversized. Two baggy elements will make the physique too shapeless.

Without an emphasis on the waist, the outfit looks too baggy. A shirt tucked on one side is a bright trend of the season.

How to wear women’s boyfriend jeans in the summer? For example, with airy blouses and t-shirts. The color scheme remains entirely at your discretion. Solid colors and patterns with checkered patterns, inscriptions and patterns are welcome.

For boyfriends, you can pick up original t-shirts and voluminous sweaters.

In cool weather, trousers can also be combined with many clothes. How to wear boyfriend jeans in the fall? Photos of Hollywood stars and fashion bloggers are a clue. Alternatively, combine trousers with a jacket and outerwear such as a jacket, bomber jacket, cloak or coat. The denim jacket and jeans of the same tone look refreshingly.

Total denim bows look interesting – this is another option for what to wear women’s boyfriend jeans in the fall. Pants with a shirt or denim jacket look very interesting. This outlook is perfect for warm September. In October, jeans can be combined with jackets, cardigans and voluminous sweaters tucked in the belt.


Fashion does not stand still and today boyfriends are not only their classic variation. There are many interesting styles for the most demanding fans of the fashion industry. For example, in boutiques sold:

  • Women’s ripped boyfriend Jeans
  • High waisted jeans
  • Black, blue and light blue styles
  • Jeans for fat
  • Pants boyfriends for men

How to assemble a bow with ripped jeans? How to combine high-rise pants? Is denim color important? We find out what stylists advise.


In the 70s, ripped jeans were worn in protest. Today, this is more about practicality, convenience, and style. Eventually, any pants are wiped and torn in places of strong tension, for example in the knees. So bought ripped jeans with new scuffs just cannot ruin.

Fans of relaxed urban outfits wear boyfriends in ripped jeans. You can combine them with oversized sweaters, asymmetric loose blouses, summer t-shirts. Denim looks great with plain sweaters in light, dark and blue shades. A special chic is to fill the blouse in front.

Knitted socks also harmonize well with jeans and make them look cozy. Opt for a black cashmere turtleneck, denim pants, a blue scarf, and a leather jacket. If you want a bright accent, take a beige scarf. Such an outfit is quite suitable for autumn days.


High-rise jeans are especially suitable for slim, slender girls. They emphasize a thin waist and visually lengthen legs. This style of trousers is sewn shortened; with the legs of a free cut slightly tapering to the bottom. These pants are also recommended for short girls who want to look a little taller.

Pants with a high waist perfectly lengthen legs. Inflated boyfriends are also called “girlfriends.” They may have a fringe, patches, and scuffs. Due to the length of 7/8, trousers emphasize the graceful ankles.


Not sure, which outfit to collect? Wear white sneakers, blue jeans, and a black oversized cashmere sweater. As a hairstyle, a high-relaxed bun will be appropriate. Combine trousers, a satin black blouse, and a jacket below your hips with dark slip-on sneakers. Round off the look with sunglasses and a neat chain bag.