To wear or not wear underwear is not the question. What to wear is the question. Before, you jump on to this discussion. Firstly, do you have the right underwear to choose from your closet? If not, this simple guide will help you choose the right underwear.

Underwear Type:

Generally there are six different types of underwear: Briefs, boxers, trunks, themed, g string and jock strap.


They are the most preferred underwear by men. You could always see them in the television commercials. Generally they are ‘Y’ shaped, with a lot of clothing supporting your genitals.


Boxers look nearly like the shorts that we wear at home. They cover most of your thighs, starting from your waist line. They also have a room for placing your private parts. They can be worn anytime.


In terms of appearance they look like a boxer and in terms of length it is same as that of a brief. So generally a trunk = boxer + brief. They too have the private spacing. They are the ‘new cool’ in town.


Themed underwear is the one with themes on it, precisely cartoons and stuff. Looks wise, they resemble a trunk. If you are a guy who loves to watch cartoon and stuff go for this.

G string & Jock strap

These two have the lightest clothing on them. G string more or less looks like a bikini, protecting only your genitals. While a jock strap is much more open, it covers only your front exposing the butt. Wear them only if you wanna seduce women.

Underwear Material:

Choosing the right underwear material is one of the important things to do. When it comes to the best underwear material, cotton wins it hands down. It helps air circulation better during summer and also keeps you warm during winter. The other materials include nylon, spandex, silk and wool. Nylon is best for bikinis and thongs. Spandex as you all know is used by sports personalities to be agile and quick. Silk is quite expensive and can get stained easily. However, some people get underwear laced with silk and synthetic fibers. Wool is something that could keep you warm during winter. But some people tend to get irritations using wool. So be careful about that.

Underwear Size & Color:

Know what your size is and pick one according to it. Don’t pick it up randomly, either it will suffocate you or it will keep coming down and make you uncomfortable. Do we want that? So, it is better if we pick up the underwear according to the size we are in. Generally the size S means small, M means medium, L means large and XL means extra large. Now, when it comes to color it is up to you to choose one. But if you are caught up in a situation so much that you won’t even have the time to change your underwear; then I suggest you pick something dark. Stains are less visible in dark colored underwear.

Regardless of what I say, always prefer the underwear that you are comfortable with. So you needn’t be cautious all the time. Enjoy the day.


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