Wearing the right winter coat is not only essential for a man’s look. While outerwear such as jackets and coats are the first thing that you notice when you see them outside, jackets also protect you from wet and cold weather. This is why you should give people the right impression by choosing the appropriate jacket for any situation.

Men can relax a bit in this area and just pick out a plain-looking windbreaker. But it pays to put some effort into choosing outerwear that does not only protect you from the winter elements but will also make you look toasty and presentable.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to winter jackets. But if there is an Obermeyer jacket sale, you should grab this opportunity. Obermeyer jackets are one of the best. You can check out online sales to see if anything catches your fancy. The best winter coats for men depends on their needs and the climate. Some might need a casual coat, while others might need to wear something more for their formal wear. Some of the most stylish jacket styles that you need to look at are the following:

Pea Coat

The pea coat really emphasizes the male’s broad shoulders and tapered waist. Aside from making you look good, a pea coat also does an amazing job of keeping your warm and comfortable. It comes with a broad collar that can be popped without looking bad. Between this and a double-breasted front, pea coats can provide better protection against the winter wind.


A classic overcoat is the best choice for business and business-casual dressing. It provides warm and gives men a professional look. It is a must-have for those who want to look their respectable best when reporting to the office or when attending an important business event in a cold climate.

Trench Coats

These are quite versatile and a must-have when the rain comes pouring. Trench coats can be worn over casual and formal clothes and still look sharp. Men have a lot of option when it comes to choosing trench coats as they come in various styles and designs. A good trench coat is one with a wool lining as it keeps you warm.


These are casual coats that come with a fur-lined hood that protects the wearer from cold wind, rain, or snow. These are traditionally casual, but they can be worn with a suit as well. Parkas are great in keeping you warm and looking good, especially when living in colder areas. These coats were originally worn by Eskimos. 

Duffle Coat

These coats are truly stylish casual outerwear made from coarse wool. They keep the wearer consistently warm and comfortable. What makes them recognizable from other coats is that they have wooden toggles in place of buttons. Duffle coats also have hoods to protect the head.

When choosing a stylish coat for winter, go for the classic styles that can be worn for years because they never really go out of style. Men are also best seen wearing neutral colors such as navy, gray, or khaki as these colors highlight their masculinity.