The is not exactly a beard club, but a popular brand of facial hair care products. Before you start thinking that there’s no such thing as a “beard club,” think again. Clubs dedicated to the celebration of that patch of hair that grows on the upper lip, chin, lower lip, jaw and neck do exist. As unlikely as it may seem, there are existing communities and groups where those who are fascinated with beards connect and socialize. Some of such groups may even have members who have difficulties growing facial hair, women married to bearded men and women who have beards.

You don’t necessarily need to grow facial hair just to become a member of a beard club. There are a host of beard clubs all around the world, and most are not too stringent to be exclusive only to those who can grow and maintain beards. Are you thinking of joining a beard club? This discussion will look at a few related matters first.

Beard Basics

A beard is a collection of hair that grows on parts of or the entire maxillofacial area. In humans, only the males naturally grow beards, but it is not entirely uncommon for women to have beards themselves. Women who have beards are likely those who are suffering from a medical condition called hirsutism.

The word “beard” conjures up images of a full growth of beard, but not all men can grow a full beard. Some men may be able to grow a mustache and goatee at best while other men may not be able to grow any noticeable collection of facial hair at all. Beards can significantly alter the appearance of the one wearing it. In some cases, a person can even have a life-altering experience after growing a beard.

Apart from a full beard, other beard styles include mutton chops, stubble, French fork, Fu Manchu and circle beard. Men with beards have been notable throughout history. Among the most notable bearded men in history include Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Rasputin, Salvador Dali and the members of the rock band ZZ Top.

Beard Clubs

Beard clubs are social facial hair clubs that are formed by those who share an affinity for facial hair. Such clubs do not necessarily share the same visions and goals. Like most social groups, some beard clubs may exist to help like-minded individuals connect and socialize. Other beard clubs may have the primary goal of breaking stereotypes and dispel negative notions that the public may hold against growing facial hair.

Most beard clubs do share common objectives such as promoting brotherhood among bearded individuals, provide support for its members, offer advice on facial hair care and encourage more individuals to grow their beards. A good number of beard clubs also conduct fundraising activities for charitable institutions and nonprofit organizations. Those who are looking to join a beard club often do so to network with individuals who share the same passion, build friendships and gain more knowledge regarding growing and grooming beards.

Beard Care Products

Beard clubs can also serve to promote products that are specific, or at least related to facial hair care. Beards require care and maintenance to keep it healthy and well-groomed, just like the hair on the scalp. Beard shampoo, beard oil, balm, growth oil, brushes and combs are some examples of beard grooming products.

Before joining a beard club, it is important that you determine what your motivations are. Once you have figured it out, look for a club with a mission and policies that best complement your goals.