Oh man! The cinema is flourishing on ace cards one after another. Guess what! The sci-fi genre is a group of manly friends at some bar while the whole film industry are the gloom doom nerdy fellows at the background *no pun intended* “It’s what it is” *fist fight ready? Let’s go*. But when it comes to Chris Pratt’s stardom space hunk character, the whole deck of clothing cards is nothing but Joker one after another. In case you don’t know GotG – crap you don’t know this one shit. The abbreviation goes like – Guardians of the Galaxy and if it was a fashion trend instead of a sci-fi film franchise then definitely it’d be called as “Gorgeousness of the Garments.”

The Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Jacket was mesmerizing when it was vividly visualized on Pratt’s Peter portrayal of the Star Lord character. The Marvel’s eventual super hit film franchise started in 2014 with GotG and later on envisioned magnificence with its 2016 sequel. The Star Lord GotG 2 Jacket too moved on with stargaze ranks. More like a whimsically serious cry baby fighting to be more iconic than the character itself. Ironic but who cares really when you’re getting the ensemble elite thing.



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Strutted in slenderness and shaped with stupendous hand sewing, this Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Jacket feels like the actual Star Lord embrace here at USA Jacket online outlet. Whether you go for cosplay or brawls right on the next block with your homies, this is the best outfit to scare of anyone who comes close at you. But if feels good to have the fierce eye-to-eye glares and having the statement said on your face: “This is pure cheating to hide yourself in such a beautiful body shield.” Stylishly safe and sound.