We all have a dream wedding. For some of us, it is a wedding in a plush hotel. Others of us fantasize about exchanging vows on the beach of Maui. Whether your dream wedding is an outdoor vineyard event or a formal event of the year, it can happen. Here are some tips to help your organize your dream wedding.

Your Theme

The first step in creating your dream wedding is to choose a theme. This is created by the selection of the venue (is it chic and elegant or casual and understated), the number of guests you invite, the style of the wedding gown and the choice you make for the dress for your bridesmaids. The photographer you choose, the baker for the cake, and even your wedding planner have their own style. Make sure their style matches yours.

If you are traveling for the wedding, you can save money by making local purchases. This eliminates the need for shipping. Put some effort into finding someone at your destination that can provide the perfect flowers, cake, and decor. Ask your wedding planner to screen locals for hair services, travel, and other details.

It’s your day

This is a day created to celebrate the love you have found as a couple. The wedding is about the bride and the groom. Do not get wrapped up in anyone’s drama. Set the mood and decide what is important to you. Set a budget you are happy with and do not let anyone sway you. It is with control and focus that you can have the wedding of your dreams.

Your professionals

You have to decide what is the most important things to you. If the budget gets tight, what would you not mind letting go of if it means having the things you want?

The first and most important professional in your group is the wedding planner. She will bring it all together and keep her eye on the details that you find it hard to manage. A wedding planner is a must for a dream wedding.

The photographer is the next most important pro. This is the person that will document the memories you will carry for the rest of your life. Select the right photographer and be very clear about what you can afford and what is important.


You have a little room to move here. Is having the perfect flowers more important than the huge rehearsal dinner? If so, cut back some of the food choie a live band for the entire reception, or would a DJ be okay?

 The vendors work for you. Don’t be afraid to ask them to make some changes to accommodate your dream wedding.

Preparing for a dream wedding is all about making choices to make your dream a reality and making sure you stay within budget. It’s your wedding, make it perfect!ces to allow more of the budget to go for floral arrangements.