If you ask me to name a wardrobe that goes with every occasion then I would surely pick a denim jacket. Yes, they can be worn for every single occasion and also they go well along with your wardrobe. Having a denim jacket is always handy. So what are the ways to wear a denim jacket? I have already said that it goes well with any clothing isn’t it? So let me change the question to, what are the best ways to wear a denim jacket?


Color of the denim is the first thing that you should look at. Basically people will go with the classic blue colored denim but if you find white denim a little more attractive you can surely go for that. However the advantage of choosing blue denim over that of the white one is, you needn’t to be cautious all the time which you would be doing for sure if you had chosen the white one.

Maxi dress (a long dress):

Wear the blue denim along with a maxi dress, irrespective of the color. To be precise wear cropped blue denim, it looks nice on a maxi dress.


Match the denim jacket with a denim pant. Sounds crazy? But actually it is not. There is always a theory suggesting you to wear contrastive color outfits. If you go by them, you will surely lose an epic combination. Open up your mind and go for this combo.

Girly flowery:

As the name suggests, this combination will make you more girly and make people go “awwww cute”. Get one of the flowery designed skirts (of any color, preferably bright color) and a pick out a white tank for the tops. If you put on a denim jacket over these, people will surely die cherishing your cuteness.

No shirt! :

Don’t wear any shirts. No, I am not asking you to go topless. Instead I am just asking you to use denim jacket as a replacement for your shirt. For the bottoms, you can use any of the vibrant colored skirts.

Black is beauty:

Girls in black are deadlier than the devil himself. I am not saying girls are devils. May be they are similar but not completely the same. Wear a black top with a black bottom and top them with a denim jacket. It will be perfect. This deadly combo will make boys run behind as that of the axe deodrant ads.