The other day I was at the super market getting fruits suddenly to notice a man staring directly at me. I don’t know why he was looking at me without taking his eyes off; I was pretty sure he was not one of my ‘irritating’ relatives. So why was he staring at me? Was it because of my dress? Was it because of my looks? Or was it because I am a girl?! Instances like these happen regularly and we as a girl don’t know how to react to those nuisances.

To those curious people, here is how you should deal with men ogling at you.

First of all, if you find someone staring at you make sure you judge them correctly. They may be your distant relative too. So it is safe to take some time to find who they really are. Also turn around to see if he is looking at someone else and not precisely you.
Once you have made sure that he is looking only at you, you can then do any of the following to deal with him.

Don’t care:

Just concentrate on your own work and don’t mind the people who are staring at you. Minding your own business is one of the best things to do if someone actually is staring at you. This way you can reduce your personal stress level.

The Girl power:

Ask him yourself. Yeah, there is no harm in asking. You are a girl and you surely have the power to do it. Haven’t you seen Women ruling over the world? It is now time for you to stand up for your needs. Pull up your sleeves and gather your strength and speak out your thoughts. He will surely be embarrassed if you ask him in person.


If he is still staring at you, even after letting him know about your uneasiness; then it time for you seek help. Let people around you about him or just pretend seeking help so that he gets afraid of your actions are turns away.

Men are not the same. Most of them are bright and well behaved whereas the others are exactly opposite. When you face the second group of guys, just show them what a girl can do. Speak up for this world is yours. Have a nice day, hunting. 😉

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