No outfit is complete without the right accessories. Sometimes the accessories are what places your outfit front and center. Accessories are an expression of the individual.

Five women can be in the same room wearing the same outfit. It will be the one who knows how to accessorize that will stand out from the pack.
Each fashion season, trendy accessories take on a life of their own. Real fashionistas can take an outfit from last season and make it current with the right jewelry, scarf, or handbag.

Today, make-up and hair are as much a part of the look as the clothes are. Liquid lipstick is a must-have for women that can come in coordinating shades. Pulling together a total look from head to toe just got easier.
Continue reading for nine of the hottest accessories trends fresh off the runway for 2019.

1. Little Bags

Bags, bags, and more bags are the biggest spring accessory trends for 2019. Women will be able to play around with this look. Designers play with color and textures. Suede and shag fabrics add fun.

Smaller handbags will come with detachable chain straps. Some will have a link design and others will be bejeweled.
We can also expect to see the petite clutch big enough for keys and a smartphone, or your favorite lipstick.

2. Big Bags

Bigger is sometimes better and much more fashionable. Again, texture will play a big part.
Crochet bags will go great with denim and linen casual wear. Colorful bags will stretch the gamut so be on the lookout for color blocks and multi-color pairings.

The classic leather handbag will continue to be a popular staple. Bucket bags will hit the scene in various sizes and materials. The designer line, Chloe, has a cute leather version of the bucket bag.

3. Decorative Bags

Tote bags give the flexibility to add style and pizzazz to your fashion accessories. Totes come in numerous sizes. This season the trend is fun and decorative.

Look for designs with artsy images, peek-a-boo plastics, and basket weaves.
Fashionable Hobo bags will take on a new look as well. Go from day to night without missing a beat with these using these roomie bags.

Last in our decorative bags for spring accessories is the weekender canvas bag. These bags can carry everything you’ll need for a day at the beach followed by an evening at your favorite pub.

4. Return of the Fanny Pack

Yes! The ’90s staple fanny pack is back on the scene.
It’s not the nylon cloth bag from the disco era. Today’s fanny pack is stylish and a must for your spring accessories collection.

We’re not sure it can still be called a fanny pack. With the 2019 version, look for small purses that can carry a few dollars and your keys. You can also go up to the traditional travel size.

The bags will come in different colors and materials. Leather will be popular.

They can still be worn around the waist but these bags won’t have a Velcro strap. Expect to see matching straps that that can be worn as a belt or extended to a shoulder strap.

5. Accessories Trends in Headwear

Knit caps, bucket hats, and veils lead the list of headwear that will dominate the spring accessories gear. Hats or various shapes and sizes will be used to make a bold statement.

The Beekeeper hats make the biggest statement and are meant to impress onlookers. Dark grays and black veils will give a dramatic effect. Smaller pastel color veiled pillbox hats will give a soft touch at afternoon teas and garden weddings.

For a fun afternoon, express yourself with a knit cap. But the most fun comes in the shape of the wide brim bucket hat.

6. The Sandal

Sandals will cover the color pallet. Comfort is the order of the day. Elevated soles and bulky platforms will lead the way.
Leather will be the most popular material. Straps and ornaments will provide unique stylish designs.

You will have no problem taking the season’s sandal from a day at the mall to more stylish designs for evening outings.

The high heel slide will also make a return for accessories trends 2019.

7. The Pump

Asymmetric designs will paint the formal footwear landscape. The pointed toe spike heel will add elegance and class to business attire and evening wear.
“Artsy” is a great way to define the various works of art that will be used to complement the season’s high-end designs. Solid colors, two-tones, and prints will be used to create unique shoes.

Whether you are going with closed, peek-a-boo toe, or slingback pump, there is sure to be something on the rack to pique your interest.

8. The Jewelry

Whether you like simple designs or a heavy piece, jewelry never goes out of season. It’s fun to follow the trends, but you also want signature pieces that can be worn after the season ends.

For spring 2019, expect to see bold expressive neckwear and bracelets. Metals will be popular, as well as charms.

Dangling rhinestones will help us reimagine the choker that made a brief comeback a few years ago. Since we’re going big this season, the big hoop earring will continue to be a good choice.

If you are looking for some stylish design pieces check out this website. They feature both trendy and classic pieces.

9. All About the Eyes

To close out our spring accessory trends, we turn our attention to eyewear. First, no matter what’s in style, you want shades suited to your face shape.
Spring 2019 is about fun and being fancy-free. Patterned frames will set the tone with animal prints.
You will also see blinged-out frames. Pulling up the rear will be futuristic designs for the adventurous fashionistas.

Now It’s Time to Get Your Wardrobe Together

Accessories trends come and go so there is no reason to break the bank. Take our list and do some bargain shopping. Putting your ideal outfits together is most of the fun anyway.

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