Lipsticks have and will continue to rule in bringing out the best of the appearance to the lips. However, it is the addition of new shades and materials that matters. Today, we will be introducing you to the world of liquid lipsticks. Statistics back the quote “lips are the new brows,” as a majority of the women are lip looney.

The liquid lipstick is becoming the trendy product and a must-have for all girls and women regardless of their age. The go-to product is around for a while but is continuously gaining exposure in the industry.

The advantage of the liquid lipstick

Unlike the lip balm, the lipsticks often left a sensation of dryness after application. Companies began to research and came out with the liquid solution that adds moisture to the lips along with the color. Most importantly, they are not messy and sticky. The incredible staying power ensures that it remains all through the day, retaining the same softness.

The application

You will come across the liquid lipsticks with a variety of names such as lip lacquer or long wear lipsticks. They often come in a squeeze tube or wand for application. When you are searching for the color that you need, you may stumble upon exciting products where one end consists of the liquid lipstick while the other end hosts the gloss. If you wish to purchase such a product, then the application of the same is different. You will be applying the lipstick first and wait for a while until it becomes dry before you proceed to use the gloss. The gloss helps in sealing the color for the rest of the day.

Is the use of gloss a compulsion?

Liquid lipsticks lie between the lipsticks and the gloss category. Therefore, use of a gloss is not a compulsion. At the same instance, one can use it according to their preference. The primary advantage is that it adds shine to the lips like none other without being sticky and messy. Additionally, one does not require a lip liner! However, one can choose to use a liner to achieve a fuller appearing lips. It all changes according to the style statement that one wishes to create at the needed occasion.

Shades and shines

Liquid lipsticks are available in different shades and shine and possible to buy even a matte finish product. A few of the products are capable of drying such that they maintain the gloss and shine while bringing the matte finish to the lips. With more companies releasing the products, you are bound to find new products, colors, shines, and matte finishes in a wide range.


The rise of liquid lipstick has a good history. They are becoming popular due to the advantages discussed above. The availability in a number of shades makes them popular across all age groups and a must-carry product in the make-up kit. Opting for a lighter shade is always a genuine companion for the day while darker ones are perfect for the night parties!