Whether you want to dedicate a special day for hugs or believe that every day is of huge worth to give a hug to your closed one, you should know different ways to hug. Hugs play a prime role to convey different meanings. Hence, it is essential for you to stay well aware of the message you want to send while you hug. In this blog post, we have shared a few of the common types of hugs and their meanings in detail.

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Polite Hug-A Popular Type among Acquaintances and Colleagues

A polite hug is one of the common types of hugs done among colleagues and acquaintances. The specialty of this hug is that it involves only a partial contact of the upper body. On the other side, lower body of two people never contacts and thereby, indicates some type of awkwardness or discomfort. If you get or give a polite hug to your date, it indicates some distance in your relationship.

Bear Hug-An Indication of Deep Love

Bear hug is a tight and reassuring type of hug and it worth millions of words. This type of hug is done among people, who have deep love towards one another. You often get bear hugs from your parents i.e. a type of embrace to relieve you from your anxiety and stress. In addition, if you share a bear hug with your dating partner, it indicates that you are serious about your relationship and have deep feelings towards him/her.

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Intimate Hug-Common Types of Hugs with Eye Contact

Intimate hug is also one among the common types of hugs, which involves a close and full-body embrace with proper eye contact between two people. The eye contact takes intimate hug to advanced level, as it clearly shows much more than merely a physical touch. If you give or get this type of hug, it indicates that you are experiencing something special with your partner.

One-way Hug-A Sign of Lacking Reciprocation

In the case of one-way hug, you hug a person tightly but the other person does not lift his/her arm to put across your shoulder. This type of hug indicates lack of reciprocation from the other individual and thereby, indicates that the other person does not want to enter the relationship in the way you like.

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Back Hug-An Indicator of Trust and Protection

Back hug indicates the feeling of both trust and protection. Kids often give this type of hug to their parents, while parents carry their kids around to reciprocate. If you get this type of hug, it indicates that someone is present to give you enough support. On the other side, if you are giving the same type of hug to someone, it indicates that you want to protect him/her from everything.

Buddy Hug-A Type of Sideway Hug

Buddy hug is a sideway hug, where you and your partner put arms on each other’s waist or shoulder to highlight a level of comfort and trust transcending in your daily romance. This not only indicates that you and your partner as couple, but also as good friends. If you walk or sit by sharing a buddy hug, it indicates a lasting relationship for you.

Whether you want to enter a new relationship or want to strengthen the existing one, by knowing the mentioned types of hugs, you and your partner both may easily analyze your relationship and take your further steps accordingly.