Feng Shui, an old Chinese art form, is about using your environment to match the energy that is inside you. In other words, your space is a reflection on what is happening inside you. A clean room will reveal order inside you while a messy one could reflect the chaos.

If we use this line of thinking, making your house more romantic would reflect the romance inside you. But how do you go about doing that? Don’t sweat; here are some tips that will show you how.

1. Clear the Clutter

First off, you need to deep clean your house. Detox your house, so to speak. This is important because you don’t want to go shopping and add to your already cluttered house.

This means going through drawers and really asking yourself the hard questions—how often do you use this? Is this object just taking up space? How will you feel if you were to throw it away?

(Bonus, you could even use Marie Kondo’s method, and ask if this object brings you joy. If the answer is no, discard it. If yes, keep it. It’s as simple as that.)

By clearing away the clutter in your house, as The Spruce states, you will be cultivating harmonious energy. Also, you will gain more space once you get rid of all the old dust-collectors – which you can use to collect some romantic candles or new lingerie for self-confidence.

2. Let in the Light

To enhance positive energy—which can help enhance romance and love— make sure your space can get adequate light. We are talking windows, which allow the light (and positive energy) to seep in.   

3. Furniture on Rug Placement

According to HGTV, furniture enables communication. By putting the front furniture legs on the rug, you create a more communicative atmosphere, which can help spur on love and relationships.

Take the opposite into consideration. When the furniture is not (at least partially) on the rug, it normally is up against the wall. This create more of a distance.


Photo by Chris Knight on Unsplash

4. It Is All About the Twos

HGTV goes on to state that furniture in twos helps to establish and support the partnership. Whereas only having one barstool at the counter or one nightstand by the bed subtly enables single-ness. The same goes for having single pictures.

5. Your Bed Linens Count

What color are your bed linens (and, yes, we are talking about bed linens)? The reason being is that certain colors—red, white, and green—add more spark and can rev up the passion.