The allure of this spirit has always been one that’s captivating for whiskey lovers. From the oak barrels to the type of glass that’s used, whiskey is a drink that’s covered by those who appreciate their alcohol.

In recent years, we’ve all seen an uptick in the popularity of craft beer and it’s without a doubt that whiskey’s popularity continues to gain momentum as more and more people learn how about its history and illustrious food pairings.

You need to know more about whiskey to help you fall in love with it and lucky for you, we’ve outlined our top 10 ways to do just that.

  1. Drink the good stuff:

You only get one first impression and this is true for your whiskey experience. If you’re looking to get hooked on this spirit, start with a good brand.

Our rule of thumb is to avoid the bargain shelves and pay attention to the descriptions of the whiskey inside of the bottle. If it’s under 40 percent ABV, keep looking.

  1. Whiskey enhances the taste of whiskey :

Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly, whiskey enhances the taste of whiskey. If you’re not quite sure what we’re talking about, let us explain.

While whiskey connoisseurs would scoff at the thought of watering down their favorite spirit, if you’re just getting into whiskey drinking, we highly suggest it. But we’re not saying that you should add a few drops of whiskey to a glass of water.

We’re saying that you should add a few drops of water to your whiskey to lessen the burn and really enjoy the flavor.

  1. Variety is the spice of life:

Part of the fun of drinking whiskey is learning about and tasting the different varieties.

In fact, there’s even a style known as peated whiskey that’s been known to increase the flavor profile and add notes of “medicinal, herbal, saline, nutty, sulfuric, bonfire-like, diesel, burning tires, or even bacon.”

Whiskey is an experience and as your understanding and palate continue to grow, you’ll start to appreciate and enjoy the burn even more.

  1. Get creative:

Whiskey is a spirit that lends itself to creativity.

That being said, flex your creative muscles and check out some fun and festive whiskey recipes. A classic is a whiskey sour.

  1. History lesson:

Whiskey isn’t just about the taste or the drinks you can mix up. It’s about the history and the care that goes into making a bottle.

The quality of whiskey depends on the quality of the cask as it can add or subtract flavor and enhance the aroma.

As we said before, drinking whiskey is an experience.

  1. Comfort food:

Let’s be serious. Who doesn’t love meatloaf? This comfort food on its own is delicious but when paired with whiskey, it’s even better.

Not only can whiskey be infused into a glaze for a healthy meatloaf, it’s also just as delicious when it’s used to wash down your meal. Why?

Because whiskey perfectly complements the red ground beef as it pulls and enhances the flavor profiles of fattier meats.  Furthermore there are whiskey brownies too that would feel heaven on the palate.

  1. High profile:

Drinks like champagne are synonymous with high-class. The same goes for whiskey. It’s a drink that many equate with having “made it.”

So, pour a glass of whiskey, sip it, and enjoy.

  1. Health benefits:

Surprisingly enough, the health benefits of whiskey are plentiful. First and foremost, it’s low in calories.

But beyond the not-so-hard-hit to your waistline, whiskey has been known to boost your immune system as it has more antioxidants than a glass of orange juice.

  1. Relaxation:

Take the edge off with a glass of whiskey. A single serving can settle the nerves and help calm your brain activity. Pour yourself a nice glass and relax!

  1. It tastes good:

Finally, it tastes good. Plain and simple. Those are 10 ways to fall in love with whiskey. But, we want to know how did you fall in love with our favorite spirit?