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The way you dress up shall convey your attitude, your approach and your confidence. Every work environment provides certain rules of dressing up and one should abide by them. Often when you are working in a corporate sector, you will be asked to dress up formally which includes formal shirts and trousers or formal blouse and skirt. Along with this kind of costume, you have to wear a pair of shoes which are comfortable and the same time looks very smart and steady on you.

What are the kinds of shoes that can boost up your formal wears?

There are several kinds of shoes that you may choose to wear while you are delivering a presentation or while you are doing to your office. The best of the 7 types of shoes that most of the women prefer to wear while wearing a formal shirt and trousers or skirt are:

Classic black pumps


this pair of shoes talks about sophistication and confidence. This type can be easily used and shall keep your feet comfortable. The classic black pumps are referred as timeless in the world of shoes since you can style any kind of dress of yours with them.

Menswear-inspired flats

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for cases like being uncomfortable with heels of finding it difficult to run with heels you can wear the dynamic menswear-inspired flats. Like the aching arches, you shall get the same level of polish and sophistication along with the ease of running about in them. Your set of formal shirt and trousers shall be hugely styled up by the pair of such flats.

High heels sandals

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suppose you are to attend a party after the office hours and you have no time to change. For such occasions, you can always depend on the high heels sandals. The stripes or the ribbons adds the delicacy while the sandal like sole adds the comfort and a feel that it can carry you elegantly anywhere. Such shoes do no need high maintenance and can be used roughly.

Dorsay flats

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the best feature of the Dorsay flats is that it remains shiny and looks polished for hours. When you are in a hurry, slip the pair of Dorsay flats and choose to never fail to impress your office colleagues and bosses.

Dressy slip-on sneakers

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while you need a break from your stilettos, the dressy slip-on sneakers shall allow your feet and heels to breathe without allowing your get up to get spoilt. This kind of shoes can be worn not only in gyms but also in offices and other places of field jobs.

Summer espadrilles

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when in summer, you can shift from your black pumps and still look tall with the summery espadrilles. The jute rope binding with black straps adds a casual feel to your formal attire.

Sleek rainboots

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sleek rain boots are your savior during the rainy season.

Some of the other shoes that you may prefer with formal outfits

Other than the above kinds of formal shoes you can also wear the Neutral pumps which are classic like the black pumps. You can suit it up with any kind outfit. Another positive effect of wearing neutral pumps is that it develops an illusion where you shall appear tall. These shoes are highly preferred with formal skirts. Similarly, the wild pair of shoes can be chosen to pump you up at workplaces which are trendy. Such shoes add a chic statement to your fashion sense and look aesthetically pleasing.