Argyle pink diamonds are widely argued to be the most sought-after and expensive diamonds in the world. The rarity and characteristically beautiful deep pink hue are what sets them apart from other fancy diamonds. They are a symbol of luxury and sophistication and are sourced from Argyle mine in the Kimberley region in Western Australia.

The unique composition of pink Argyle diamonds is attributed to volcanic pipe made of olivine lamproite. Due to eruption minerals such as mica, zeolite, kaolinite, and clay are believed to interact with the diamonds during their formation but gemmologists and scientists are still searching for answers how the pink diamond obtained its colour. Unlike other naturally occurring fancy coloured diamonds, pink diamonds do not contain impurities that they derive their colour from. However, various theories have been presented regarding the unique hue of pink diamonds. It is suspected that during the formation pink diamonds must have undergone enormous pressure likely causing the hue and the other theory states that it could be related to seismic shock that impacted the stone’s molecular structure. Though the exact cause is still a mystery, pink diamonds make the world’s beautiful stones for engagement rings, earrings and bracelets.

Argyle pink diamonds intensity levels

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While the 4Cs-Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat pertain to Argyle diamonds as much as they do to other diamonds, however, Argyle diamonds have their unique colour grading system. According to this grading system, pink diamonds are graded into 5 main colour types. Purplish Pink, Pink, Pink Rose, Pink Champagne and Red, the most intense pinks have a grading of 1 and the lightest being graded as 9. Argyle mine also produce some very rare and attractive Blue/Violet diamonds. The three main factors that help in grading the pink diamonds are:

Hue – represents the dominant colour of the diamond and sometimes modifying colours or tints affect the hue.

Tone – it is the amount of lightness or darkness in the diamond.

Saturation – it is the strength or intensity of hue and the darker and more intense the colour, the rarer and more valuable the diamond is. The saturation in diamonds can vary from pastel to vivid and intense.

How GIA scale differs from Argyle?

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GIA scale is meant to evaluate white diamonds, however, there is a separate scale for fancy coloured diamonds. According to GIA, perfectly white or colourless stones are at the top while lower down on the scale, you will find tinted diamonds. Here is the quick summary:

Colourless – D, E, F

Nearly Colourless – G, H, I, J

Faint Yellow – K, L, M

Very Light Yellow – N, O, P, Q, R

Light Yellow – S to Z

According to GIA scale coloured diamonds are graded as Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Dark and Fancy Deep. For grading a diamond the hue is determined.

Where to buy pink diamonds?

Australian Diamond Company in Melbourne is the most reputable jeweller and supplier of the rare beauties-Argyle pink diamonds. One of their talented jewellers can work with you to come up with a stunning piece of jewellery to include one of the world’s most beautiful natural treasures.

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