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Holidays are coming and it doesn’t matter how you are going to celebrate them: a cozy house party with family, ginger cookies and x-mas mood music or crazy party on the dance floor with friends, or maybe an important corporate party. Anyway, there is that one always annoying “nothing to wear” problem. I accordance with the old eastern calendar, the world of fashion chooses the most trending colors for the New Years Eve outfits, so, if you want to please the 2018’s dog and look fashionable you have to follow our simple tips!

How To Choose The Right Color Palette?

The yellow color is a wonderful opportunity to make something unforgettable and try something non-casual because yellow color is the main symbol of the upcoming year and it can be combined with different shades to make an outstanding party look. Besides, this color scheme has everything to attract your attention – golden, lemon yellow, shades of honey, desert sand, and other unforgettable shades. It will make a wonderful combination with a gray or graphite color. It’s highly recommended to choose something neutral and calm (this does not appeal to the New Year party dresses styles and types) because the most important rule is to avoid wearing too many bright colors and jewelry at once. Otherwise, your New Years Eve dresses will look shinier than a Christmas tree!

The second trend color is brown with all its shades. If you prefer classic style it’s going to be a good pick – you can wear something simple and cozy but, at the same time, make your outfit look elegant and airy. Note that this color easily combines with a blue, deep red, and green.

The last color of the upcoming year’s symbol is blue.

These three main colors of the year 2018 can give you lots of space for creativity but, if none of them fits you, you can always find a way out and wear something more classic like white or black. The classic black is always a great choice for any type of event. A tender black cocktail dress could be mixed with silver jewelry and any type of shoes, be it some fancy party boots or just platform pump shoes, it only depends on what you prefer.

What To Wear To The Party With Friends?

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Have you been invited to the party you dreamed about?  So, you have to look amazing, feel comfortable, and you need to ensure that your New Years clothes meet the requirements of a general dress code of the party – for example, you can choose a golden sparkly New Years dress with black pump shoes and black accessories. The most important thing is to feel yourself comfortable wearing the outfit and stay yourself. But be careful with the choice of shoes! If you are going to the party and plan to dance all night long, you should choose comfortable shoes that won’t make you feel tired or uncomfortable already after a few hours.

What To Wear To The Family New Year Event?

You’ve already prepared your house for the New Year’s party. The menu is ready and guests are invited – it seems like everything is going in accordance with your plan, but even for the family event you need to choose a suitable outfit. We advise to start thinking about your New Year outfit as soon as possible! For example, you can choose a tender light-brown cocktail dress and accessories of any color like red, blue or green. If you prefer something more comfortable, you can choose brown velvet top and blue or burgundy color long skirt but, in this case, don’t forget about the accessories, makeup and elegant hairstyle to diversify your look.

There is one more thing to keep in mind. Sometimes, when it comes to preparing the New Year party, we can forget about something important, like work or studying. However, being in a hurry is not an excuse to forget our duties! Therefore, you should not forget to deal with all your duties before the New Year to celebrate it even cooler, besides, to cope with all the homework you only need an expert assignment writer from Canada!

How To Look Charming On The New Year Corporate Party?

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It is not that easy to make a perfect corporate business-style look because your choice is a little limited by the dress code, so how to choose the most successful New Year outfit for a corporate party? We advise you to choose between the black and brown tones. Both of these colors will look elegant and “business” enough. For example, it can be black culottes with a velour modest brown top and stiletto shoes or a simple pencil skirt with a brown silk blouse with a slashed sleeve and classic pump shoes. Don’t forget about the makeup and accessories to complete your look.

Hopefully, these tips will come in handy for you when you will be looking for a perfect New Years Eve dress to surprise everyone with your unique and elegant look, and you can also find some more ideas here!