Did you know surprise marriage proposals are rare today? It’s true – only 1 out of 3 proposals nowadays are a surprise.

However, that’s not a bad thing since it means that people are now putting more thought into their proposals. This is why you might often see proposals that look perfect – the proposer has spent months planning it to the last detail.

If you want to make yours perfect as well and you need cute proposal ideas, keep on reading below. Here are 7 of the best proposal ideas you can consider.

1. Schedule a Photoshoot

To make sure you have beautiful shots of your special moment, why not turn it into a photoshoot? That way, you’ll both look your best and you ensure you’ll get to capture your partner’s reaction on camera.

Your significant other won’t suspect a thing if you schedule this when there’s a significant event, such as your birthday, your anniversary, or the holidays. Even your pet’s birthday would be better as an excuse than scheduling a photoshoot of you together out of the blue.

Then, pop the question in the middle of your shoot when they least suspect it. You can also prepare something in the background that your partner won’t see until the shots are ready.

It could be a chalkboard where you wrote the words, “Will you marry me,” or even the ring as a part of the props. For the latter, make sure to read more here and learn more about the kind of jewelry they’ll love.

2. Use Cute Animals to Your Advantage

If you own a pet your partner can’t resist, make him/her be a part of your special plans by having it pop the question for you!

Make it romantic, like by setting a romantic date at your own home for when your SO gets back from work. Then, have the dog come in with a sign on its neck saying “Will you marry my parent” or something along those lines. Remember to take the dog to a groomer first to make it extra cute and irresistible for your partner.

If you don’t have a pet, you can use other animals instead, such as a zoo animal or even a dolphin. Take your SO to a show and coordinate with the trainer; they may be willing to let the dolphin give the ring instead!

3. Take Her on a Scavenger Hunt

If you want something unique and adventurous, a scavenger hunt is a good proposal idea. It works better if your partner doesn’t see it coming – surprise them at a day when you know they have nothing else to do.

Drop the first clue where your partner will find it in a natural way, such as on their refrigerator or on the coffee table. You may choose to limit the hunt to your own home and backyard, but you may also do it in your whole neighborhood. You can even get your friends or family members to give a clue or watch out for your SO at the designated spots.

4. Propose During a Vacation

A destination proposal is all the rage today as it makes the memories of the trip more special. Choose a lovely destination, like Paris, Disneyland, or even Central Park in New York.

You may book a vacation with your significant other to Europe, where there are some beautiful visuals of nature perfect wedding for your proposal. If money is tight, look for pretty spots near your home, such as bridges, lakes, and other tourist spots.

Do they like beaches? Go to Asia or the Caribbean where the blue seas can be your backdrop.

Don’t forget to hire a photographer to preserve the moment and the beauty of the destination. It helps if he/she is discreet enough that your partner won’t suspect a thing.

5. Sing or Play an Instrument

Do you have some good vocals, or do you know how to play an instrument? Surprise your special someone by singing a special song or something you composed. But if you’re not that confident about your singing skills, you may play the piano or whatever instrument you play.

This will set a nice mood for when you intend to drop the question. To further make it special, decorate the place a bit before your partner comes. Get some candles or some dimming lights, get a bouquet of flowers, and scatter petals on the ground.

The good thing about such proposal ideas is that you can do it at home. With the right setting, you can turn it into a romantic place perfect for your proposal.

6. Be Creative at Home

As we’ve said above, you can make your proposal special right at home without beautiful views or fancy dinners. All you need is the right setup to make for a romantic and memorable day.

Follow our advice above on how to set the right mood. If you’re not playing any instrument, get on Spotify and make a playlist of romantic songs.

You may make dinner (or order one) and propose at dessert, but dinner isn’t a requirement. For example, you can lead your SO instead to a room where glow-in-the-dark lights spell out “Will you marry me?” or use balloons with these words written on them.

7. Wait for Winter

If your partner loves winter, a proposal on ice might be on your cards. Wait until the lakes have frozen over or the open skating rinks have opened. Then, schedule a date night and take her to skate.

Even if your SO doesn’t like winter, as long as they don’t hate skating during this season, this idea is still one of the best marriage proposal ideas. Who knows, they may end up liking this season as they associate it with the beautiful memory you created together.

This idea is even more wonderful if there’s snow falling; it will look good in pictures. Make sure you get someone who knows how to capture a wonderful moment, though.

Which of These Best Proposal Ideas Suit You?

These are only some of the best proposal ideas, but remember that any type of proposal will be memorable and life-changing for both of you.

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