Are you in the midst of planning a European getaway? Of course, you’ll need to spend plenty of time picking hotels, researching flights, and organizing your itinerary.

But if you really want to feel immersed in the European culture and lifestyle, you should consider dressing the part. Not only will you look fabulous in all your Instagram pics, but you’ll also have a nice stockpile of fashionable clothes that will last for years to come.

So, what exactly is European fashion? We have all the answers you’re looking for!

Keep reading to discover our guide to dressing like a European woman.

Dress Slightly Nicer Than Normal

Chances are, you already have some great pieces in your closet that would look fashionable on the streets of Rome, Paris, or Madrid. Keep in mind that Europe’s idea of casual wear is slightly nicer than it is in America.

When going through your closet, pull out pieces you might wear to a party or to meet up with your friend for a nice brunch date. If you need some inspiration, check out a European outlet store to see what kinds of clothes they are selling.

But whatever you do, save the yoga pants, hooded sweatshirts, and sweatpants for lounging back home. Wearing these around in Europe will make you stand out like a sore thumb.

Focus on Fit

You may think that all European women spend a fortune on designer clothing. However, this usually isn’t true.

Instead, Europeans focus on fit. They make sure to visit a tailor if anything doesn’t frame their body just right. This makes their clothes all seem high-end even if they bought it at a discount store.

Find Practical and Cute Shoes

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend obviously never met a European woman. Shoes are often seen as a vital part of any outfit, and many women have an extensive collection of shoes.

Of course, you’ll be walking a lot during the day–sometimes on old cobblestone streets. While the women in Europe may be used to doing this in heels, it’s not advisable to try yourself.

Instead, opt for shoes that are practical and stylish. Wedges, leather sandals, and flats are all great options for the warmer months. If you’re visiting in the winter or fall, opt for ankle boots or tall leather boots.

Go Timeless

Many Americans like wearing bright colors and bold prints. However, in Europe, the focus is on clothes that are simple and timeless.

Your main wardrobe should consist of solid colored, well-fitting pieces. Think along the lines of simple miniskirts, trousers, V-necks, and dresses.

Know How to Accessorize

Of course, just because timeless makes up the bulk of European fashion, doesn’t mean they don’t still have fun. Accessorizing is a great way to add some personality to your ensemble while still looking like a local.

Europeans love scarves. Whether it’s a warm spring day or a bitterly cold winter night, you’re sure to find plenty of Europeans in scarves.

Just make sure your scarf’s material matches the season. You’d look a tad silly wearing a chunky wool scarf in the middle of May.

Jewelry is another great option if you don’t have room in your suitcase for a ton of scarves. While you can opt for subtle jewelry, statement pieces are very fashionable right now. Belts and bags are also important to consider.

Create a Cohesive Outfit

In Europe, no part of an outfit is an afterthought. Everything from their dress to their sunglasses is carefully chosen to create a complete and cohesive look.

When deciding what to wear, make sure the color palette and styles of every piece goes together. You’ll also want to balance your colors.

For example, if you’re wearing a bold blue top, don’t pair that with a blue statement necklace. Instead, you might wear that blue statement necklace with a black dress and a blue handbag of the same hue.

Don’t Be Afraid of Tights

While jeans and leggings are the go-to in America, many women in Europe go directly for the dresses and skirts. It typically gives them that refined and timeless look that’s so popular in Europe.

They even wear them in the middle of winter. Tights underneath dresses and skirts are a great way to look nice during the colder months, although they are often seen all year round.

Because tights are so popular, many women opt for mini skirts and short dresses as opposed to maxi dresses.

Load up on Skinny Jeans

Although Europeans dress slightly nicer than Americans, skinny jeans are still a staple in their wardrobe. If you don’t like wearing tons of dresses and skirts, skinny jeans will be the way to go.

However, you’ll want to skip the distressed look that’s popular in America. Acid-wash, whiskered, and ripped jeans are all very American styles. Instead, you’ll want to opt for dark jeans with the subtlest wash you can find.

While many Europeans like dressing in black and grey, they also aren’t afraid of a little color when it comes to their skinny jeans. If you’re dying for a way to bring more color into your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to get some bold-colored skinny jeans. Just be sure to pair them with a subtle top, so you don’t go overboard on the colors.

Your Guide to European Fashion

If you want to look amazing and feel like you’re fitting in on your upcoming trip, adhering to the local fashion is a must. While in Rome, right?

Luckily, European fashion is easier to master than you may think. By just following our tips, like focusing on fit and accessorizing carefully, you can look just like the locals.

Of course, your clothes are only part of your overall appearance. Check out these minimalist makeup tips to complete your look.