Breakups are tough and so are relationships. And once you go separate ways, you and your partner change as people. The emotions run high and you might find it tricky to communicate with your ex on a day-to-day basis. If you’re not sure what to or how to speak with your ex, avoid doing it altogether. But when you reconnect with your Ex, here are a few things we have listed that you must never say to him/her:

1. I miss you

If you have broken up and it has been a while since you have spoken to each other, saying I miss you can twist your new communication pattern. If your ex was the one who ended it with you, you have to admit the fact that they have already moved on and expected you to have done the same.

2. I still love you

Maybe you haven’t moved on and chances are you still love your ex. But it is a very bad idea to tell them that when you reconnect again. Once you end your relationship and talk again after weeks or months, you don’t know the psychic of your ex. He or she might have taken it hard and would want space to figure out what kind of relationship they want. Saying I still love you will only push them away further.

3. Can we at least be friends?

2. reconnect with your Ex


You can never be friends with your ex again. If you ever dated someone, you might either end up together or probably never speak to each other again. There is no in-between. Staying friends can stir up the emotions and your ex might not like it. Understand that you cannot stay friends and so you must not tell this phrase to your ex at all.

4. I am lonely and depressed. I haven’t eaten in days

Don’t play the victim. Sympathy will only take you so far. Saying that you are sad will indicate that you are still hung up on your ex and that you’re lost without them. Even if that may be true, you don’t show it to your ex as that may hamper your bond even more. You would be tagged as the powerless person in your relationship and it may emotionally drain you.

5. I never should have dated you

When you reconnect with your ex, the last thing you would want to do is to lash out your anger on them. If you are angry at your ex for abandoning, don’t start talking to them in the first place. Exercise or engage in some other activity until your anger subsides.

6. I’m dating someone new and they are better than you.

This is the worst way you can ever communicate with your ex again. Soliciting a jealous response from your ex will only make them resent you.

7. I regret our entire relationship

For starters, if you dated someone for a while and then broke off, and then reconnected again, you never regretted your entire relationship. Maybe you regret how things ended between both of you, but you sure were in love with your ex. A statement like this is as much of an insult to your ex as it is to you. Don’t rekindle your relation with your ex and then bring the bitterness of your past in between.

8. I hated how you treated me

Confrontation and anger is a formula for disaster in any relationship. If you really believe that your ex treated you poorly, there isn’t any reason to reconnect. Don’t try to repair your relation by attempting to extract an emotional response. Things can go wrong and you might face your worse fears again.

9. You broke my heart

If you’ve reconnected with your ex, chances are that both of you accepted the faults in your relation and have moved on. Saying that he or she broke your heart isn’t going to fix your relation. Saying this would just mean that you are still stuck in the past.

10. I never really knew you

This statement cannot be any more wrong. People change and when you date someone, you don’t think about how he or she will turn out after three or five years. Of course, you knew the person to date them for months. It is just that the person you loved has grown and doesn’t connect with you in the same way as before. Such a statement will just make him or her shrug off the comment and leave you frustrated.

So, avoid uttering the above words when you reconnect with your ex and save yourself from that heartache.