You can easily spot those couples who are so much into each other, just like the Disney movies. But in reality, it is tough to detect whether or not you are a good match. It is truer when you, ‘yourself’ are involved. Sometimes, it so happens that you get so caught up into relationships so much that you don’t even question yourself if you are actually a good fit for your partner. Here are some signs to confirm whether your relationship has compatible partners.

You do not suspect the love in your relationship

This means that you are secure and happy with your significant other. You don’t doubt the relationship or the love or the respect both of you have for each other. You love your partner and you know they love you too. Even if you are paranoid sometimes, you don’t distrust how your partner feels about you.

You know things that nobody else knows

From intimate details to the embarrassing stories about each other’s life, you are comfortable sharing secrets. Of course, honesty and trust are important in any relationship but willing to share secrets shows how compatible both of you are and what you are truly interested in developing a deep-rooted affinity with your partner.

You don’t want to change them

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Another simple way of knowing whether or not you are a good match is when you don’t want to change them. You respect your partner as an individual and you don’t expect them to change as you want. Sure, you may not like some of their idiosyncrasies, their dressing sense or always being late, but you love them and can deal with it.

You like spending time apart

Giving space to your spouse is one of the fundamental things for a long-lasting relationship. When you are in a glorious relationship, it can be difficult to stay apart and spend some alone time. However, it is crucial that you also enjoy spending time away from your partner. You can watch movies with your friends or spend time with your cousins or simply engage in one of your hobbies. If you cannot stay apart from your partner, introspect to assess your relationship.

You share common interests

Sharing common interests doesn’t mean that both of you must have the same hobbies or like similar things. It means, even if you both like and do different things, you make the efforts of doing it with your partner. Having common ground with your better half benefits in nurturing a lifelong relationship.

You fight with each other

Two human beings are distinct from each other and it is pretty far-fetched that both of you will always be in agreement on all the things. You have your own opinion and you aren’t afraid of telling your partner that you disagree with them. Fights shouldn’t change the way you feel about each other.

You work out serious issues together

Long term relationships have serious concerns such as money, religion, children, where both yours and your partner’s opinion matter equally. Maybe you have to compromise a little, but you are happy with the decision that both of you take. Don’t hesitate to solve the major issues as it may have grave consequences on your relationship.

If you think you are a good match, you should be able to truly be yourself whenever you are around your partner. Whether you feel happy, sad, angry or hungry, you should be able to express your opinion to them freely.