Did you know that it was estimated that in 2019, about 19.9 million students attended university or college in America?

College is an important milestone for many young adults, so it’s no shock that such a large number enroll and attend each year.

Starting your freshman year can be very intimidating though. How can you prepare to start the beginning of your college journey on the right foot?

We’ve got you covered! Keep reading below to learn five college preparation tips that will have you feeling confident about your first year!

1. Connect With the Staff

Familiarizing yourself with university staff members is a great way to feel more comfortable on your first day, while also establishing yourself as a go-getter.

You’re typically assigned a counselor before your first day, so reach out to them and ask for advice on making your first year a success. Their job is to help you reach your academic goals, so they can guide you in the right direction.

If possible, connect with your professors over the summer and see if there are any readings or material they’d recommend to help you succeed in the course.

2. Get to Know the Campus Beforehand

One of the easiest ways to feel comfortable in the first few weeks of college is to be familiar with the campus.

In high school, your classrooms are split up only by a few hallways. In college, however, you’ll often be hustling from one building to another a few blocks away.

To avoid feeling frazzled, do a walkthrough of your campus before your classes start. If you can’t arrive sooner than move-in day, take some time to look at campus maps online.

3. College Preparation on a Budget

Let’s face it — college is expensive, even if you’re supported by scholarships or financial aid.

Some people can find the time to work a job throughout college, but working while balancing classes isn’t a possibility for some students. It’s important to be even more frugal if this is the case.

Even small changes can save you money during your first year. Cooking your own food or choosing a savvy meal plan is a good way to avoid spending money at restaurants. Used textbooks and novels are the best books for college students who have reading requirements but are on a budget.

4. Build Solid Study Habits

Building good study habits before you begin college is key to feeling confident about your classes.

If you study best in your own space, figure out what supplies you’ll need to achieve that. Some people work best with atmospheric lighting or a comfortable chair, so you’ll have to design a suitable space, whether it’s in your dorm room or in your own home.

Learn where the best study spots are on campus too. Many people use campus libraries, cafes, or even the dining hall to get their studying done. If possible, use the internet to find a study group to join for your upcoming classes.

5. Get to Know Your Class

It can be scary leaving your high school friends and starting fresh in college. However, you can take some of the guesswork out of finding friends by getting to know others in your graduating class even before the term begins.

Many colleges have Facebook groups for graduating classes to communicate through. You can also look up the dates for club and activity fairs and plan which organizations you’re interested in visiting once the school year begins.

Websites like Reddit also typically host platforms for students from the same university to talk with one another. Many people will post about local events or meetups to find likeminded friends.

Enjoy Your New Adventure

College is an exciting journey, and it will open you up to a world of new people and information. These college preparation tips will help you feel prepared for your first day as a freshman!

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