Shedding excess weight is always a challenging process. Exercising is vital, but in addition, you also need to ensure that you eat a healthy diet, avoiding excessive consumption of junk food and alcohol. Nevertheless, finding the perfect exercise regime  to kick start your weight loss program is easy. You only need to pick simple exercises that you are comfortable with. Additionally, even after shedding that excess weight, you still need to stick to your training routine  to maintain a fit and healthy body.

Jogging always stands out as the go-to weight loss exercise. This is because  it is simple, does not require any special equipment and you can do it anywhere at any time. However, during winter going out for your daily jog can be tricky. It’s during the colder months that you’ll need  this indoor jogging circuit to keep your weight loss program on track.

How it Works

This indoor jogging routine switches between low and high intensity running stimulated moves. Additionally, there are a few resistance exercises in between to encourage  better results. Each five-minute set is split into three sections: a three-minute, medium intensity jog, followed by a one-minute high-intensity run and finally a one-minute strength exercise . The running sections can be performed on a treadmill or simply on the ground.

How it is Done

First Set

3 Minute Jog

Jog at a slow  pace to warm up. This will stimulate your muscles and make them ready for physical activity. Once you feel more  active, start picking up the pace. Pay attention to your upper body, moving your arms as you jog.

Make your jogging speed more intense by lifting your knees higher and moving your feet faster.

1 Minute Sprint

Sprint at your top speed while moving your arms back and forth for one minute. Try to hit your fastest speed during this session.

1 Minute Runner’s Lunges

The runner’s lunges will focus on your thighs and glutes.

Additionally, it also serves as your active recovery after the intense sprint. Stand upright, your feet close together and your arms by  your side. Place one foot forward and lower into a lunge.

Lift yourself back up and switch to the other leg. Do as many repetitions as you can, switching your legs each time.Do at least two reps for the first set.

Second Set

3 Minute Jog

Similar to the first set.

1 Minute High Knees

Lift your knees as close to your chest as possible. While at it, remember to move your arms . Do as many repetitions as possible.

1 Minute Reverse Kicks

Stand straight, feet close together and your fists clenched in front of your chest. Bend one knee and lift it close to your chest and then kick back extending your leg behind you. Bend your knee and revert to the starting position then switch  to the other leg.

Third Set

Jog for three minutes.

1 Minute Butt Kicks

Speed up your jog and kick the  soles or your feet up towards your glutes. While at it make sure to pump your legs back and forth.

1 Minute Single Leg Squats

This move is aimed at improving your balance and toning your leg muscles. Stand on one leg, lock your fingers behind your head and lower into a squat. Keep your back as straight as you can. Lift yourself back to the standing position before switching back to the other leg.