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Almost all women have issues with their body image and wish that there are certain parts of them they could change. And the place we often look to when searching for the ideal are celebrities we see on the TV, in magazines, and on the internet. We can’t become them, but we sure do long to look a bit more like them. But what are the ideal parts that women want for themselves, and which celebrities do they belong to?


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For a very long time, Angelina Jolie was the absolute symbol of the perfect lips, and women underwent many procedures to get those lips as plump as Angelina’s. But recently, there has been a new kid on the block: Kylie Jenner. Her full lips have swooped the younger population onto her side, and she has even released her own lip makeup line that allows women to have the shape of her lips without any permanent changes. Still, it seems that for a lot of women the way to go with lips is big and plump.


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When it comes to the chest, all women turn towards Victoria Secret’s Angels and popular actresses. The names like Jessica Simpson, Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek have been mentioned in this regard many times, and there seems to be a pattern: Sizing around a D cup, and as round and perky as possible. And even though some of this can be achieved through targeted exercise, genetics play a big part and many women opt for procedures to help them get their ideal breasts.


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The face is a delicate area for many people, and a lot of people are against surgical face alterations, but there are still favorite body parts among celebrities. Cheekbones are a very important facial feature for both men and women, and so Ashton Kutcher and Madonna have been crowned king and queen of cheekbones. Their structure allows them to look a lot younger than they are, which is particularly important for a celebrity today.


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Contrary to popular belief, the most attractive eyes for women are not light and vibrant. They are the deep, rich tones of Anne Hathaway’s and Mila Kunis’ eyes. Of course, the shape of their eyes plays a big role as well, and many women opt for procedures that correct their eyelids so that they are more even and reveal more of their eyes when being held open. For men, Hugh Jackman takes the most wanted eyes, and it’s no mystery why they are so desirable.


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By now, everyone knows that Kim Kardashian’s butt is one of the most famous in the world, but for many people, that is simply “too much”. When considering the perfect body part, women will mostly lean towards Beyoncé, who is for many women the ideal in the 21st century. Since bigger bottoms have come back in fashion, many women are visiting a body sculpting clinic to enhance their behinds, but also to get rid of cellulite or any other imperfections.

It is so important to think through a decision as drastic as changing a feature of your body, because the surgeries are in most cases irreversible and will drastically alter your appearance. When you are completely sure you want to have the procedure done, you need to carefully choose a clinic with a good reputation and a doctor you completely trust. It is a good practice to try to fake the look for a while before getting the surgery, whether that is with makeup or undergarments, to make sure you will like it when it is permanently on your body.