The party season is starting, and there is no question that you will be attending an office party over the Christmas season. Dressing the part and being aware of what to wear can often be an intricate issue.

Whatever the dress code at your office, the Christmas season is a great way to dress smart and to go all out. Looking and behaving at your best at your company’s holiday party is something that you will never be upset doing.

The festive season is fast approaching, and if you are yet to show up at your office party then make sure that you follow these five office Christmas party outfit ideas so you will not be making any fashion lapses that you will be regretting.

Comfy Jeans

Jeans are absolutely an excellent choice for your office Christmas party. It can go with anything and everything, that is why it is a fundamental clothing for a smart-casual look. When you prefer a smart-casual look, it is typically great if you have a dark colored one.

Again, a dark colored jeans can work with anything. You can purchase these perfect jeans in many online stores like FCUK to boost the flexibility you wish to your tailor-made party outfit.

Black and navy jeans make choosing the other pieces of your outfit a lot easier. With this, you can now put on that formal piece to your attire by wearing a sleek collared shirt.Considering the season, opt for a pair of jeans made of heavier weight component and in a darker hue.

Button Down Shirt

Button down shirts will grant you to look intelligent but not to the extent of wearing a suit and tie. Similar to the jeans, it is a functional option when attending your office Christmas party. Opt for a white one or go monochrome because it goes with everything.

Find a button down shirt that is not only excellent in style but is the best fit. It is a classic look that suits most event perfectly.

Simplicity is beauty and perfection, so a button-down shirt is appropriate for a smart-casual attire plus it looks excellent. Looking stylish and sharp only needs some wardrobe items that are not necessarily formal.

Sweater Weather


When we talk about Christmas, sweaters can never go wrong. They go together like any family assemblage and parties. Just avoid striking Christmas-inspired sweaters, or anything displaying gleeful old men, reindeers, or green and red color concept.

Men should own stylish sweaters for the festive season that are convenient for the office setting. Having various styles, colors, and patterns bring numerous outfit options. You can opt for a cable-knit sweater that is typically heavier than others.

Medium and fine gauge crochet sweaters are perfect for the office, but cable-knit sweaters are usually thought-out as more casual. You can wear this type of sweater over a t-shirt or a shirt and tie.

Additionally, you can opt for sweaters in many colors and patterns, but generally, dark-hued colors are office-appropriate. Whatever you choose, it should go with the rest of your attire.

Velvet Jacket

If you have an excellent jacket that greatly blends with your pants, then you may be good to go. However, if you are considering to add some charm to your office Christmas party outfit, go with a classic velvet blazer.

The velvet jacket is not intended to be an impeccable staple in the men’s wardrobe. Meaning that you have the chance to experiment with a gullible fabric that does not usually seen on your torso.

But there are boundaries. Choose a style and color that goes best with your present wardrobe and your personality. The guidelines for wearing a velvet jacket is to keep it trim, slim, and taut. It adds a touch luxury to a standard tuxedo look.

Elegant Shoes


To complete your look, a pair of black shoes would complement your attire flawlessly. It enhances a good-looking outfit without eliminating the complacent element. There are plenty of shoes available that will perfectly fit your outfit.

Go to the office Christmas party in style with a variety of men’s shoes. You can opt for oxford shoes, Chelsea boot, monk strap dress shoes, loafers,  woodhouse boot, and much more to finalize your outfit perfectly.


Men should always aspire to look and dress his best, either you are on your way to the office or attending to your office Christmas party. Even though it can be a bit tricky, allow yourself to experiment with different attires that you do not get to wear usually. From comfy jeans, button-down shirts, sweaters, velvet jackets, and shoes you can achieve a perfect look for your office Christmas party.

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