Once the delightful wedding ceremony and reception gets over, next comes is honeymoon. Honeymoon is best way for newlyweds to enjoy and celebrate their new beginning privately. Honeymoon is meant for spending quality times with each other far away from family, friends. While more than celebration, honeymoon are good opportunity for couple to get intimate and make love.

Well, if you want to spice up your honeymoon night and show your sexy bride side then while packing bags for holidays, don’t forget to take your surprise element. Pack some seductive nightwear for a night of martial mischief and surprise him by sexy look. To get desirable and appealing look to tempt your guy, here is a guide for variety in choices of nightwear for women.

1) Bra and brief sets

for honeymoon night nothing can beat the sexy bra and brief. If you are not shy and ready to show your sexier side, bra and brief is just right choice. There is wide option out in market for designer bra and panties for honeymoon night. Some of the best option for bra and knickers set are

1. Grecian Tulle Bra

Grecian Tulle Bra

2. Strappy underwire set

Strappy underwire set

3. Underwire bra

underwire bra

4. Satin lingerie set

satin lingerie set

5. Embroidered set

Embroidered set


6. Garden Boudoir Set

Garden Boudoir Set

7. Bow back high-waist panty

Bow back high-waist panty

8. Lace bra & panty

lace bra & panty

2) Body suit

well, other than bra and thongs, women can look sultry in trendy bodysuits. Body suits are generally tight fitting one-piece garment. You have numerous options in body suits as well. Women can go for skimpy lace bodysuits or Bondage-Inspired Harness Bodysuit or even ribbon bow body suit will also make you look attractive.

body suits

3) Night gowns

some women are not comfortable in lingerie or body suits. For those night gowns are preferred. Night gowns are long loose fitting apparel worn in bed. They are made of comfortable cloth especially silk to give you relaxation at sleep. An elegant ivory night gown or seen through night gown will be ideal choice.

1) Ivory night gown

Ivory night gown

2) Seen through night gown

seen through night gown

4) Baby doll

baby doll are sexy and short, usually above upper thigh and sleeveless nightdresses worn by women during night. It is normally a dress with formed cups called bralette attached with loose-fitting skirt. Go for bridal lace baby doll or tuxedo baby doll for seductive appearance and add spice to your romance.   For women with heavy breast or plus size bride, ruffled lace baby doll is great alternative to show off your natural beauty of figure.

1) Ruffled lace baby doll

Ruffled lace baby doll

2) Tuxedo baby doll

Tuxedo baby doll

image source

5) Chemise

chemise is mini sleeveless, loose-fitting dress and hangs straight from shoulder. These nightdresses are generally of satin, lace or chiffon is comfortable to wear and look sensuous at same time. Newlywed chemise are trending these days. Other category for chemise is Jersey and Lace Chemise, strappy chemise, retro embellished chemise.

1) Strappy chemise

Strappy chemise

image source

2) Jersey and lace chemise

jersey and lace chemise

image source

3) Newlywed chemise

newlywed chemise

image source

6) Bustier

 bustier are tight- fitting mostly strapless top garment worn as lingerie. The purpose of wearing bustier is push up the breast. It shows your flirtatious side and surely allures your husband. Discover the different collection out in market like ivory bustier set, structure bustier top, and star cup bustier.

1) Structure bustier set

Structure bustier set

2) Ivory bustier top

ivory bustier top

7) Cover ups

cover ups are loose clothing worn over lingerie. Women can also wear fashionable silk or chiffon robe instead of other choices. But choose a bit sexy cover-up for your special night.

Cover ups 1             Cover ups

8) Chiffon nightshirt

planning to make your night bit casual, then go for chiffon nightshirt and have more fun.

Chiffon nightshirt

image source

So, ladies pick your favorite night wear and take way your husband’s breathe.  Make your beautiful night filled with memories by trying out these fabulous collection of lingerie and make your groom glad.

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