Choosing a bra for the first time needs a lot of survey as it is as important as a milestone for any girl. Care must be taken while choosing one. Most of the time girls get into peer pressure and feel eager to wear one specially when their friends already have them. Mothers start to feel their little girl is growing up. It is an emotional experience for both young girls and their mothers.

Seeing from parents’ view: they feel hesitant to buy for their little girl. The bra should be of such a style that it is comfortable and appropriate to their age.

Girls do feel shy when they are being measured when buying for the first time and even feel embarrassed. Such sensitive is the issue. But seeing the changing times, girls are becoming quite open up so if they themselves ask to go for buying it  parents should be ready to go and shouldn’t dismiss it.

Well  an average age of a girl who wears it for the first time  is 11 years!

Situations WHEN you feel it is the time:

  1. When physically breasts have begun to bud marked by sore nipples or little bumps around boob area.
  2. When she herself is emotionally ready to wear one.

From WHERE can one buy?

Well before going to buy, the mother should note down the measurements. This work should be done at home as measuring there in the market can be bit embarrassing.

One can head to mall as different kinds and of different sizes are there on the display. It is easy to select on your own.

Else one can go to any nearby market and buy it. Check if there is the provision to get it exchanged if it doesn’t fit well.

WHAT kind to buy?

The kind of bra will depend upon the size of budding breast at that time.The  Bra should be of such a style that it should be comfortable and apt. Avoid the lacy thing as it can be itchy or can cause scratches.

For a beginner , sport style bra or crop top bras (which are super comfortable)   can be there. Training bra or Bralette are designed especially for those who have just begun to develop breasts. Newly formed  buds around the boob area are not large enough to fit a usual sized bra. Training bras are usually a lightweight, soft-cup design and may resemble a crop top. A training bra does not train the breasts, rather it helps girls adjust to wearing a bra and it provides a small amount of shaping and protection.

If possible, avoid white bra. Go for beige or skin coloured bra if want to avoid the chances of showing through shirts.

Prefer thick strapped bra for larger chests.

Care must be taken that there is a thin layer of foam so that nothing is visible under the shirt.

These were some of the tips related to buying a bra for the first time. Girls feel free to discuss it with your parents. It shows you are growing up. Nothing to worry about..

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