While almost every aspect of a wedding is optional, from wearing a formal wedding suit instead of a proper wedding outfit t ditching extras flower decorations to forgoing elements like the wedding cake, there is one thing you definitely cannot skip, the venue! Of course, you have to choose a place where your family and friends can gather to celebrate with you, but most often, finding the “perfect” venue for your nuptial vows is not an easy task. There are numerous options to choose from, including a cozy restaurant, a stunning barn a quiet beach, or an elegant ballroom.

If finding the perfect venue for your grand wedding is still a problem, then here are a few tips for you.

Talk to Your Event Planners First

Yes, before you dive right into the hunt for wedding venues, a wise decision is to talk to your wedding planners such as Let’s Celebrate Events. Consulting Planners is more like a guarantee that you can find the perfect venue. Since they are much familiar with the capabilities of the layout, space, time and items you will need to transform the venue, they can be the best guide for your venue.  If there is a creative way to make any venue unique or a quirk about the space that could destroy your vision of the perfect wedding, your wedding planner will know!

Choose a Wedding Venue that Aligns with your Dream

Choose a Wedding Venue that Aligns with your Dream

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but make sure that you seek out venues that perfectly fit the aesthetic you have in mind. For many years, you must have been dreaming of the type of wedding venue you want with the decorations, and space. If you are planning to have a contemporary wedding, you can look at well-designed restaurant spaces, art galleries or warehouses. On the other side, if you want to have a wedding with more natural elements then know that it could work well with outdoor venues such as ranches, gardens, parks, and backyards. When you choose a venue that fits with your theme, this will enable your wedding to feel more connected to the venue space.

Know Your Guest List

You may be feeling like Goldilocks, frustrated that you just cannot find the perfect place with the right size for your guest list. If you have found a great wedding venue, but feel it is too small, you may want to consider cutting down the number of guests, you invite. Remember that you can choose a selected group of friends for a small ceremony, but you can consider inviting more people to the wedding reception.

You should always decide on who to invite based on the size of venue you like. Perhaps you can just stick to inviting dearest and nearest friends, but if your dream venue is a grand size, look for a venue with more space.

Search within Your Budget

Every couple wishes to have a memorable wedding reception, and while this vision may differ from couple to couple, one thing every couple can relate to is sticking to the grand budget. It turns out to be such a great disappointment when your fantasy wedding just does not blend well with your budget. However, fret not! There are more options available out there and you can choose cheaper wedding venues. Talk to your wedding decorators in Atlanta and choose a venue that fits within your budget.

Renting a venue is much more than the cost. Note that the floral, balloon and other décors also drive the cost high. You should know how much the total budget costs and this could help you decide whether you need an upscale wedding or one that is more affordable.

Consider the Convenience of your Guests

If you are planning to invite a lot of out of town visitors or having a destination wedding, search for a venue that is close to a hotel and consider the comfort of your guest within the hotel. Search for a nearby hotel that can accommodate many people in the space and ask how many people the hotel can fit comfortably. Some hotels also have banquet halls within on their top or ground floor. If you have out of town guests, you can consider such an option for the reception.

Stay True to Yourselves


Sure, with the influx of wedding pictures and ideas on Pinterest, most couples end up choosing venues based on trending styles or the ones that capture their attention online. At such times, it is important that you ask yourselves what feels authentic about the venue as a couple. Choose a design and space that represents you two as a couple. Remember that while a wedding venue may look gorgeous with a different design or theme, it may not be the perfect canvas for your wedding!

As you can see, finding the perfect venue is not a big deal actually. You just have to know your options, survey with event planners, and work within your budget. Keep these few points in mind and soon you will be able to host the best wedding in Atlanta!