Although few us get to choose our own engagement ring, at lot can be said about a women’s personality when it comes to the rock on her finger. But what does your engagement ring say about you?

Round Diamond

Round cut diamonds are one of the most popular shapes when it comes to engagement rings. It is a classic shape that is versatile either as a solitaire or in a multi stone ring. A brilliant cut round diamond has more sparkle that any other diamond shape, due to its many facets reflecting the light. This classic shape is for a classic lady, who loves the traditionalism or marriage and all that it brings.

Princess Cut Diamond

Another classic shape, the princess cut diamond, may be the next most popular diamond shape, next to the round. This shape is best suited to women who have conventional values, but possess a modern chic edge.

Emerald Cut Diamond

An emerald cut diamond has fewer facets that other diamonds such as the princess cut, therefore any flaws in the diamond are made more obvious. The ability to see past these flaws means the wearer must be able to see the beauty in the unexpected and have the confidence to pull it off. This retro design is perfect for a retro loving girl with an eye for fashion.

Cushion Cut Diamond

A Cushion cut diamond is much like the princess cut, however softer and rounder, making it much more delicate. The name cushion perfectly represents this type of diamond, as its rounded edges ooze romanticism, which is perfect for a fairy tale bride. This ring is perfect for the girl who wants it all.

Asscher Cut Diamond

An Asscher cut diamond has that vintage feel, whilst still giving you the beautiful sparkle of one of the more popular diamond cuts. One of the most famous asscher cut diamonds was worn by the late Elizabeth Taylor, who was gifted the ring from Richard Burton. It is no wonder then that the woman who chooses to wear this diamond is glamorous, out-going and eccentric.

Heart Shaped Diamond

You will rarely find a shy woman wearing a heart shaped diamond, as they attract so much attention. These diamonds take fine craftsmanship to not only perfect the shape, but also all the facets that allow it to still sparkle intensely. This shape is best worn by a woman who likes to be in the spotlight.

Oval Shaped Diamond

An oval diamond is, in principal, an elongated version of a brilliant round cut diamond. This means it is just as radiant and can often appear larger, without increasing your budget. This diamond is elegant, yet sophisticated, making it perfect for a modern woman who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Marquise Diamond

Larger than life and guaranteed to take your breath away, a marquise diamond needs a lady of the same qualities to truly pull it off. Much like the oval cut diamond, marquise can appear larger, therefore you will pay much less for a marquise loose diamond, than you would for a round. This shape creates a dramatic effect on the finger, therefore needs a woman who is equally as dramatic to wear it.