When you set your foot into a beauty store, you are bound to experience an array of products available in numerous colors. You will also come across the foundations with several acronyms such as BB and CC creams. You will soon hear about DD creams too!

So, when if you are a beginner, then understand that every makeup requires a foundation like that of a building. The foundation ensures that the layers that you add remain consistent throughout the day. The foundation further helps in achieving the skin tone that you would like to possess.  So, let us clear the air between these two creams so that you will have a clear idea about which cream to use and when.

BB Creams

BB cream is the natural cream with many who are already into makeup. However, if you are a novice, then you can celebrate when you learn about the presence of this miracle. BB cream is a foundation that has a great tendency to create a creamy texture. The first product came out from Korea and started to make waves across the globe since then. The term BB stands for “Beauty Balm.” The balm is a perfect addition to the skin and for those who are getting ready for their marriage.

BB cream is the best product to come out of the cosmetic industry. Apart from the compositions, it has SPF, which naturally moisturizes and protects the skin from harmful UV rays generated by the Sun. All you need is a little coverage, and you can stay fresh for the rest of the day. These creams are best suitable for the younger ones who do not possess many problems on their face.

CC Creams

CC creams or called as Color Correcting in the cosmetic terms, the cream is useful in providing more coverage than a BB cream. However, it appears lighter in comparison to a BB cream. The use of CC cream is beneficial for those who are suffering from redness/dullness or an uneven tone of the skin.

Although CC cream has all the benefits as that of a BB cream, it does have a few more rewards. Firstly, it improves the elasticity of the skin. Such a case helps in covering and preventing the appearance of dark spots on the skin surface. The main components include vitamin C and E along with anti-aging properties. Additionally, it does possess SPF content, making it an all-rounder.

If you have acne, pimples, redness, or uneven tone, then CC cream is the answer for your questions. Apart from curing or covering them, the cream is additionally helpful in improving wrinkles and reducing the aging process. CC creams are available in different shades and with different SPF number. You can pick up one based on your skin tone and the conditions that you live to block yourself from the UV rays ejected by the Sun.

A better way that will help you categorize these two important creams is according to the age. BB cream is helpful for younger women, usually in the teenage group, while CC cream is good for women between 20s and 30s.