Getting over a relationship can a very difficult and emotional process, which is always unique to the individual. Whereas some people may be able to bounce right back after a breakup and even find themselves dating someone else relatively quickly, other people are still mourning for their ex-partner years after the breakup.

We all get to a point where we feel that we are over our ex and are ready to move on with our lives. Occasionally, though, we can think we have reached this stage before we have. Here are a few signs that may indicate that you still haven’t moved on.

Social Media Stalking

With modern day technological advancements and the increased popularity of social media in recent years, it is very easy to stalk your ex-partner on social media. With social media features that show you where someone has been or who they have been with, it is very tempting to have a quick stalk of your ex’s social media profile and sees if they’ve been hanging out with that person from their work that you always thought they had a crush on. But this is just torturing yourself!

It is important to remember that social media is about keeping in touch with your friends and your ex is not your friend. Your ex is your ex. Even though this can be a difficult thing to accept, and you may find yourself making excuses as to why you can stay friends, it is important that you remove your ex from your social media.

You Still Wear Things They Bought You

During a relationship, you can acquire beautiful gifts from your other half that you can get used to wearing every day. For example, they may have bought you a beautiful ring or a jumper that was your favorite and reminds you of them. But if you are still finding yourself attached to these items after the relationship has ended, then this could be a sign that you haven’t moved on yet.

You need to put these items away and get out of the routine of wearing them daily. So, pack up the clothes that remind you of them and take them down to your local thrift shop. Make sure you sell that diamond ring they bought you. Who wants a constant reminder that your relationship is over? Take it off and don’t let your ring own you!

You Talk About Them A Lot

When you were still in a relationship with your ex-partner, it was normal for them to feature in a lot of stories about your daily life. But now that the relationship is over, you shouldn’t still be talking about them a lot. Even though you will obviously refer to them from time to time, if you have moved on from your previous relationship, then you should have plenty of other things to talk about.

It is important that you are doing things in your new life, such as hobbies, so that you do have other things to talk about. Think about a time in the future when you feel ready to go on a date and they ask you what you do in your free time. You need to have something to say that doesn’t involve all the things you did with your ex!

We all know that getting over a relationship isn’t easy, but be honest with yourself and truly think about whether you are over your ex yet. If you find yourself reflected in some of these signs, then just face up to reality and go back to break-up basics. You need more time.