Many people don’t realize adult acne is quite common. Despite acne commonly being associated with hormones and teenage years, both men and women may deal with breakouts as they get older. Some adults continue to get acne into their 50’s, which is quite a long time to deal with something so frustrating. A combination of extra oil and bacteria on the skin typically leads to acne, but there are ways to take control of it and have clearer, healthier skin.

 Watch What You’re Eating

What does your diet currently consist of? If you’re not eating enough fruits and veggies, you should start adding more of them to your plate. Living off fast food isn’t good for you and it’s not good for your skin. You’ll need to make sure you’re consuming foods that are good for your skin because they contain essential vitamins and nutrients, including both vitamin E and vitamin C.

 Wash Your Face Regularly

Never skip out on cleaning your face with a cleanser to get rid of excess oil and dirt. It’s something you should do when you first get up in the morning and again when you’re going to bed for the night. Using a gentle cleanser is a great way to lift the dirt from your pores, cleaning the pores out to prevent a breakout. Many facial cleansers are available, but you should choose one that is going to target your problem areas while keeping your skin looking healthy.

 Use a Facial Serum

Apply a facial serum to your skin before bed. Acdue Acne Treatment by Omiera Labs is one of several great serums to use. Not only does it eliminate bad bacteria in the fight against acne, but it works to protect the skin from aging, too. As a result, it’s a great product for people who are 20 and older and are still dealing with acne.

Take Birth Control

While it’s not an option for everyone, if you’re a woman suffering from hormonal acne, birth control may clear it up. Certain hormones could have you producing way more oil than you need to. The birth control pills would slow the oil production down a bit.

Acne Scars

If you have had acne for a long time and have ended up with acne scars then you may need to get them removed. A service such as the one offered at could help.

Use Natural Skin Care Products

Protect your skin while using natural skin care products. You’re going to want to use something that contains SPF to protect your face when you’re out in the sun. Damage caused by the sun can occur, causing premature aging and putting you at a greater risk of developing skin cancer. Along with your facial serum, use an eye cream that gives your eyes a bright and awake appearance rather than a dark and tired appearance.

The Illumizone eye serum is one of several great products to use on the eyes. It prevents wrinkles and eliminates those frustrating dark circles. You can use it with your facial serum to continue looking youthful while preventing acne.