Jennifer spends her days managing her budget, saving up on the expenses, and working her ass off- all this for buying her dream pair of diamond earrings, and she even succeeds in it. The glittering pair of earrings speak of brilliance, and she cannot take her eyes off of them!

As time passes by, even the most precious stone tends to lose its shine and spark, and so does Jennifer’s favorite pair of earrings. This makes her feel worried and a little confused as she is clueless about how to eliminate the accumulated dirt from it and bring back the natural, luminous shine of her precious, fancy earrings.

If you also have a pair of gemstone earrings or diamond jewelry lying in your cupboard, then it is vital for you to learn the proper ways of cleaning it safely without any professional help.

What Makes Cleaning Your Diamond Earrings Important?

We all have at least one piece of fashion earrings in our stash that we wear pretty often. When we wear a piece of jewelry too frequently, dirt starts sitting on its surface. In no time, your jewelry becomes a home breeding home for bacteria and can lead to several skin-related issues, including allergies, discoloration, and various other issues.

In addition to that, not keeping the earrings clean can even weaken its stone holding power and may lead to metal degradation. Whether you have diamond ear accessories fixed on platinum as the base or a pair of gold and sterling silver earrings, regular cleaning helps restore the metal’s shine and maintain its quality.

It is crucial to understand that while cleaning your designer earrings with exquisite metals or stones, you must remember not to keep them submerged in water for too long or using any type of harsh chemicals. Also, it is advisable to avoid rubbing the earrings harshly as it can pose great harm to their looks and quality.

Diamond Earrings Cleaning Schedules: How Often Should You Clean?

Let us clear your mind about how often you should be cleaning your diamond ear accessories. Well, it completely depends on how often you wear them. If you have, say, a pair of stud earrings that you wear daily, the ideal way to clean it is by rubbing it gently once every two to three weeks.

In case of a fancier type of earrings that you wear occasionally, such as a trendy pair of hoop earrings, cleaning once in two months is appropriate. You can do it with a soft and clean damp cloth and gentle hand pressure.

If you have earring jackets, it is important to clean them too, which ensures hygiene maintenance.

Cleaning Tips For Diamond Earrings At Home

When it comes to cleaning your favorite diamond jewelry at home, there is no need to panic! The process of cleaning your diamond earrings is quite simple and easy. This will not consume a lot of your time and provide you with a shiny, brand new-like splendor once again!

Step 1: Place your diamond earrings in a bowl full of water and make sure that the water is lukewarm.

Step 2: To ensure proper removal of dirt and unwanted debris from the surface of earrings, you must add a few drops of any safe, unscented soap or washing liquid. The solution should be free of any fragrances or dyes that can potentially harm the surface of your favorite diamond dangle earrings.

Step 3: Now, we have to stir and move the earrings a bit in the water solution to remove the dirt and dust from the surface. This is a necessary step while trying to clean the earrings for girls as the build-up from hair and shampoo leftovers often tends to affect the metal’s shine and quality.

Step 4: It’s time to take out the earrings from the water solution and clean them with lukewarm water. After that, you must pat them dry with the help of a soft cloth. The cloth should be clean and free from unwanted scents.

Step 5: In case you can still see some dirt after you have cleaned your precious diamond stud or pearl drop earrings, you should clean it with a soft-bristled toothbrush, say a children’s toothbrush. This effectively takes off the dirt build-up from the surface and all the intricate details of the designer ear accessory. Do not go harsh with the cleaning as it might displace the diamond from its place.

If you have bought yourself some interesting pieces of earring jackets in diamond or any other material, then be sure to clean them as well. Not cleaning the jackets can transfer the dirt to the earrings and may also hamper their overall looks.