Fashion is all about experimenting. Throwing on various clothing items in search of a perfect outfit seems to never stop. With every new fashion season come fresh trends that make us fill our closets with numerous items, which later make us feel like we can’t pair up with any other piece. Sounds familiar? Fortunately, all you need to put together an astonishing outfit is a little bit of creativity and an open mind. Check out some of our suggestions that will help you unlock your style potential and turn heads all over the city.

Layers are everything

Layering up clothing pieces is one of the best ways to show your style. Who needs a chunky coat during winter, when you can layer up a blouse, a blazer and your raincoat to get the ultimate autumn/winter ensemble. Bring back the 90s vibe and layer your favourite white t-shirt underneath a long dress. With a pair of sneakers and a cardigan on top, you’ll look like a true fashion icon. You can even layer dresses on jeans, or go for a dress shirt under the knitwear outfit that will give you a certain dose of elegance mixed with causal.

Mix up a variety of prints

Prints allow you to express your creativity in the best way. When you want to get that Wow effect, think about mixing several different prints. Who says stripes have to go together only if they’re of the same kind? Mix vertical stripes on the blouse with horizontal on the skirt and diagonal on your accessories, for the perfect iconic look everyone will admire. Mix floral prints with stripes, or go for an animal on animal, such as leopard on snake print. Clashing prints can make the statement you need and allow you to express yourself in the most iconic way. If you’re afraid that may be too much, you can always mix different prints but in the same or complementary colours.

Turn accessories game up a notch

The choice of accessories is crucial when you want to put together an iconic outfit. One of the rules that you should always follow, when it comes to accessories, is that they should always make a statement. Whether you go for bold bags or trendy scarves, as long as they create a breath-taking effect, you’re doing it right. If you check the offer of cowhide accessories, for instance, from renowned bag stores in NZ, you’ll see that you can get trendy products that are both natural and fashionable. You can mix and match cowhide handbags with monochromatic outfits to add that wow factor to your ensemble. You’ll look chic and trendy with only one accessory. A hat in the same pattern or a scarf that matches the bag colours will fit seamlessly into the combination.

Rolling, tucking, and twisting to no end

Did you know that a simple roll of your blazer sleeve can add charm and elegance to your look? How about a twist of your long t-shirt in a knot? If you pair a white graphic t-shirt with a high-waisted skirt and a pair of high heels, you’ll look fierce. As long as you tie the t-shirt in a knot, allowing for just enough skin on your midriff to show, without exposing too much. Throw on a long dress shirt and tuck it into your jeans on the front while allowing it to flow loose on the back. With a chunky necklace around your neck, a pair of hoop earrings and statement wedges on your feet, you’ll be the fashion icon of your city.

Go monochromatic

When you’re afraid to get out of your comfort zone, you can still play it safe while looking fashionable. Consider going monochromatic. If you have a turtleneck in peach and a slip dress in the same shade, throw them on together. With a pair of maroon boots and a red purse for that stylish outfit. Have you ever considered going full-on brown? Try it out and leave everyone in awe with such a simple yet trendy look.

Final thoughts

It takes very little to unlock your style potential. All you have to do is check out several fashion guides, look into your closet to start mixing and matching. It will take time and patience, but once you’ve gone through all the tips and tricks and used your own imagination, your style will unravel and allow you to walk the streets like the next fashion icon.

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