Today many people are feeling more depressed and anxious because of the current situation around the world. There is no good in repeating that COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm.

Nobody has ever thought of it and it has made people stunned and silent. Regardless of your existing financial status or your native country/place, COVID-19 has not left anyone and shown no mercy over people. As the world is going through the phase of total lockdown, people around the world are finding difficult to cope-up with the current situation. Many others also face difficulty to adjust their mental attitudes to find peace during the lockdown.

Not only COVID-19 has affected the world financially and socially, but it has also affected it emotionally. People are experiencing a tough time to deal with the situation because of their low emotional health.

The COVID-19 has badly affected people’s relationships as well. Many people are not able to fulfil expectations of their partners. Moreover, due to stress and anxiety, they are not able to enjoy intimate moments with their partners. People who are away from their partners could not able to meet them because of the lockdown. In this situation, we will suggest you to use certain dating apps to make your lockdown period easy.

How life is affected?

Continuous cut off from the external world highly influences the mood of the people. In this lockdown period, the only source of connection to the external world is via dating apps.

Role of Dating Apps, like Bumble

During the lockdown period, people are spending more time on their mobile phones or computer. Many people are watching movies while many of them are using dating apps to release their monotony and stress. They are using various dating apps to come over the boredom of staying at home alone.

Despite having many dating applications, one app that has grabbed the attention of many users is Bumble. It is also like other dating apps but this app has made a huge difference during the lockdown scenario. Bumble has added so many new features in the app particularly considering the lockdown scenario. This app has not only made lockdown dating easier but has provided some healthy tips to improve your sexual urge during the lockdown.

Among many overwhelming features, Bumble App includes, are private and public video calls. In a private video call, you can have a video call to the person whom you want to talk. In the public video call, you have the opportunity to make video calls to a group or multiple users. The app features data call and it does not exhaust your data much like making a video call from any other applications. The best part is that you can call each other within the app only and you do not need to share your phone number with the person whom you are calling.

It is a highly popular feature of Bumble and people like it. It has caused nearly 56% increases in the video calls. You may even use minions and emoji’s during the video call to help make your video call more interesting and fun.