Covid 19 a category of corona virus has recently affected every aspect of human life and the constant updates about the respective pandemic gives us never-ending feeling. The problem is not only creating a negative influence on our physical health but also affecting the mental health of few people.

Every one of us knows that social distancing, staying at home and self-isolation are few of the important steps to stop the spread of COVID 19. However, each of these steps may lead to a negative psychological effect in us. In this situation, you have to follow a few of the important tips to retain your mental health during the entire lockdown period.

Always Practice Self-care with Proper Schedule

You have to work from the comfort of home and get flexible hours to complete your allocated tasks during the lockdown period. However, because of flexible hours, you may forget to practice self-care and fail to follow the right schedule. These include sleeping at late night, waking up late at morning, having meals at inappropriate hours and so on.

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Each of these irregularities in your schedule may affect your mental health adversely. To overcome such situations, we recommend you practicing self-care and follow the right schedule i.e. wake up at the same time, as you do so during your office days, having lunch at 12:30 pm afternoon and similar others.

Involve in Home-based Exercise

  • If you have good health, exercise is beneficial for your physical and mental health.
  • You may find some music collections to boost your health and mood as well.
  • Especially, you should look for online exercises according to your age and ability, especially yoga activities and cardio workouts.

Set up Your Own Friend’s Group

  • You may set up your friend’s group online with friends and family members, while check with other people via phone or any other online medium. This step gives support to every individual, who are consistently struggling to approach the near and dear ones in the case of requirement.
  • You should send daily updates to let others feel connected instead of loneliness during the entire difficult lockdown period.

Take Steps to Distract Yourself

  • Noting down your feelings and thoughts may help you a lot to offload your fears and worries. For this, you to keep yourself busy whether via daily activities at home or learning any new skill online.
  • You may engage in varieties of activities at home, such as painting, crafts, cooking, reading and baking.

Always Stay Kind towards Yourself

If you do not think or feel to perform any activity, you should make sure to stay kind towards yourself and recognize that you need some break. Accordingly, you should give time for self-care, while focus on recovery to get through the lockdown period well. You should always focus on various positive things and relax yourself.

Always Take Professional Assistance

If you still need support to deal with your anxiety, grief or simply to retain your mental wellness, you may take professional assistance with the help of internet. For this-

  • You may text or call to a reliable organization and simply access online therapy sessions under a well-trained therapist.
  • If you or any one in your family has any mental problem, you should take steps to approach a therapist online to get continued support and access the necessary treatment procedures to deal with the existing mental problems.-