COVID 19 has been painful for everyone around us but it has been even more daunting for mothers, especially those who are essential workers. Mothers have been doing double duty ever since this year has started with household chores, kids and now as a healthcare professional, a police offer, or any other essential service worker who keeps everything running for everyone else.  So, to help you show your appreciation to your mum, we have listed a few mother’s day gifts to make her feel wonderful.

Food Delivery Gift Cards

Most of the essential workers are working longer shifts to serve their communities. Often, they neglect their eating schedules and probably even miss their meals. Besides, after over-time shifts, the last thing they would want is preparing food for them. Treat them to the café or a restaurant they prefer or simply buy them gift cards from delivery services. You could also present them with gift cards of certain restaurants, if available. Also, all mothers love takeouts and will be happy to receive food at their place of work.

Moisturizers and lotions

While all of us are indoors, essential workers constantly are amidst the virus; and they know the importance of washing the hands and wearing masks. While it may be to keep oneself safe, wearing masks and rinsing hands with sanitizers leaves their skin parched, and sometimes, itchy. And during such times, moisturizers and lotions make a great gift. They keep their hands and skin moisturized and fresh. This, in turn, revives them and keeps them happier.

Uber Gift certificates

Commute if always dreary. With a lack of sufficient buses and trains, it would be difficult for many essential workers to reach their workplace. Uber gift certificate certainly eases the burden on their daily commute. Depending on how long their route is, an Uber pass could cover multiple days of work. This means they can spend their money on more important things.


Do you know what will keep those impounding nerves calm? Coffee. Mums who rely on coffee will find heaven in coffee subscriptions. You can give her a gift card from the coffee chain or just prepare some coffee and give it to her before she leaves for work. It is something small and simple, but your mom will definitely be delighted. After all, these are the little things that keep us going.

Shoes and Socks

There is a high possibility that with so much going on with this pandemic, your mum is working extra heard as an essential worker. Working overtime is tiring and could put a lot of strain on the legs. Snug shoes and soft socks provide that relaxation and allow them to do that long shift with much more comfort.

Love and motivation

2020 has not been kinder. And when you are around a lot of negativity, you need some kindness, some love, to keep going. Even the toughest need motivation and that is what you have to give to your mom. Be there for her. Place a kiss on her forehead or hug her whenever you meet her. This could mean a world to her and help her persevere.