Bags are examples of accessories you simply can’t get enough of. With dozens of types, styles, and brands to choose from, you won’t be the only one tempted to add one or two to your collection every few months or so.

If you are a frequent traveler, you may want to consider expanding or updating your current assortment of travel bags even more frequently.

Whether you go on local or international trips for business or pleasure (or both) regularly, you won’t go wrong with having several quality travel bags to choose from.

Travel bags have different purposes which will serve you well based on the reason behind your trip. Certain types are also more suitable for the notable conditions that you may experience in your destination.

An anti-theft bag, for instance, would be a must-have accessory if you are traveling to a place where theft and pickpocketing are quite rampant.

But which types of travel bags should you prioritize getting? Here are the seven most important ones that you need to have in your collection:

1.    Rolling suitcase

The most basic yet essential bag, rolling luggage makes it easy for you to bring all the things you need for your long (and sometimes, even short) trips. The attached wheels allow you to pull it around without any difficulty.

A rolling suitcase is one of the most expensive bags you can own as well. As such, if you want one that will last long, try to choose the best that you can afford.

Rolling suitcases come in different sizes, materials, colors, and designs. Because of this, you don’t have to limit your choices to plain black bags.

If you like vibrant colors, you can choose a patterned, bright luggage if you want it to stand out. Besides being easier to spot on the baggage carousel, your bag can be an extension of your personality.

2.    Backpack

If you don’t need plenty of clothes and other items for a trip, or if you need another bag to bring for your travels, make sure you have one or two backpacks in your collection.

A backpack allows you to carry your belongings on your back, thereby freeing your hands to hold or do other things. You can bring it anywhere, and more importantly, it can fit in the overhead compartment, which means you don’t have to worry about checking it in.

A variation of backpacks, travel packs are specially designed rucksacks for adventurers and backpackers. Although they look like regular knapsacks, they come with other features that make them great travel accessories.

These features include shoulder straps that you can zip and shoulder harnesses that are out of sight.

Travel packs have plenty of space for your essentials, and are easy to carry and durable, so you can expect many years of service from a good-quality one.

3.    Rolling backpack

A rolling backpack is a great option if you don’t like carrying a bag on your back for long periods or need to pack more things for your trip.

Wheeled backpacks offer the benefits that backpacks and suitcases provide. They usually come in the same size as regular knapsacks, and sometimes, even bigger, and have two or four wheels at the bottom.

Rolling backpacks usually have the mixed space capacity of a knapsack and a suitcase, allowing you to carry as much as you want without adding further strain on your back or arms.

These wheels allow you to lug the bag around if you don’t want to carry it around. However, if you are in an area that is not wheel-friendly, you can (and should) hoist it on your back.

4.    Duffel bag

Originally used only by military personnel and athletes, duffel bags are now popular options as carry-ons since they are easy to carry around. They are spacious enough to hold all of your belongings.

Duffel bags are usually made of leather, canvas, or nylon. They are large and cylindrically shaped with zip closures and carrying straps.

Smaller sized duffel bags are also often called weekender bags since their size allows them to carry the items you need for a weekend or two-day getaway.

Duffel bags have wheeled variants. They are larger and have spacious compartments. The wheels on the bottom make them easier to carry around as well.

5.    Travel tote

If you want to bring a fashionable and functional bag on your next trip, you won’t go wrong with getting a travel tote.

A large tote bag has plenty of room for your wallet, passport, gadgets, cosmetics, one or two pieces of clothing, a pair of flip flops, and other travel essentials such as a folding umbrella, hat, and sunglasses.

Since you can pack several items in this bag, if you’re shopping for one, make sure you choose a sturdy one.

If you love going to coastal areas on your travels, a beach bag, which is a type of tote, will give your items better protection from water and sand.

With various options to select from, you won’t have any difficulties finding a lovely, stylish, and durable tote that you can use for your many travels.

6.    Crossbody bag

A crossbody bag is a type of bag that is worn across the body. The strap is slung around one shoulder, with the compartment landing on the opposite hip.

This type of bag is convenient to carry since it frees up your arms and hands, allowing you to use them anytime without worrying about keeping your bag secure.

The messenger bag is a popular type of crossbody bag. They are typically made of thick, water-resistant material, and are thus highly durable and can give your valuables better protection.

Messenger bags are also larger, which means you can fit a tablet or laptop inside. As such, you can also use it when you go to the office or want to get some work done at a coffee shop.

7.    Laptop bag

Lastly, if you always travel with a laptop, protect your device by keeping it in a dedicated laptop bag.

A laptop bag keeps your laptop, iPad, and other electronic gadgets safe and scratch-free. It provides better protection to your devices since it comes with inner compartments with zippers and additional partitions and pockets for the accessories.

This bag is spacious enough to hold your phone and tablet if you want to keep them together.

Like tote and messenger bags, you can use a laptop bag even if you don’t need to travel. Thus, it is also great for daily use whenever you have to bring your devices with you.

When you need some additional bags or require an update or replacement, always choose good-quality ones so that they can last longer than only two or three trips.