Winter will be here in no time and we have more than one reason to love the chilly winters. Before it’s here you have a lot of shopping to do because there will be thanksgiving, Christmas and most of all it will be winter and you’d need more than just basics. We all need a wardrobe transformation before every season, with the staple pieces changing, different colors, and even the accessories change as the weather takes a slightly cold or hot turn. Keeping in view, our day to day activities, our wardrobe and styles are then defined as per our taste.

With winters, you mostly have to keep your layering game strong and your colors warm. The best part is you don’t really have to worry about waxing your legs before going out because what you’ll be wearing will cover most of your skin—even your unshaved legs! So here are a few trends you need to follow this winter if you’re looking forward to a chic and trendy winter.

Colors to Keep


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According to trend reports from color lab and other trend forecasters, the colors for this winter are no longer dull, boring and just warm—they are a whole lot playful and bright, so you can get out of the gloomy winter vibe. You can add more colors or just pair them with the conventional fall and winter hues. A jewel yam colored jacket works as the best equation to your all black look this winter or you can wear a teal coat to transform your grey looks.

  1. Warm and Fuzzy:


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There were touches of fur in almost every look at the fall and winter fashion weeks for this year, so you know that you’ll be getting yourself some essential furry layers. The best way to keep furs in your winter winning style is to wear it to a minimal and not end up looking like a furry bear.


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You can get coats with a bit of fur detailing and pair it with your regular pull on sweater, leather pants and boots. Get yourself at least one statement fur coat in camel to keep your winters well-styled.


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If you’re keeping your coat normal then a fur scarf cinched around your waist with a belt (as seen on the runway) will add an elegant twist to your look. Fur jackets are the hottest thing one can have in the cold winters.


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So no matter what, trade your old coats for a warm fuzzy fur or shearling coat or snow jacket because you will need them a lot in winters.

Jackets of all trades:

You may not be wearing your coats throughout fall and winter but your jackets, vests and sweaters will be something you’ll need every time of the day. If you’re fond of jackets then here are some key jackets and sweater styles you must own.


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Invest in a statement leather jacket which is versatile enough to be worn both casually and formally.


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Winters are the best season to show some leather love, you can either wear an edgy leather jacket over a high turtleneck, which are back in vogue or your regular shirt and leather pants.


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There is a back-to-the-past shift in fashion with the 70s and 80s trends repeating like they are new. Same is the case with varsity and letter man jackets, celebrities and models are all wearing their customized letter man jackets and they have their own style identity added to it.


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Some are wearing their varsity jackets like old times, oversized and comfy, some have got theirs tailored and cropped—so there’s a lot to choose from and you can wear them any way you want.


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Seeing all the prints and colors on the runways for fall and winter was a treat for sore eyes that are tired of seeing plain, boring winter collections every year. There were flowery accents, tribal and cultural patterns and colors that were surprisingly pleasing. So if you’re planning have a print and patterns winter, this year you should get: florals, tribal prints, pop art and digital prints, abstract and reptile skin prints and all sorts of funky prints to add a print panache to your clothes, this winter.

So, how do you plan to take your style to a whole new level this winter?

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