There is a dizzying array of choice when you go shopping for winter jackets, right?  It can seem virtually impossible to narrow down the choices to find the right one for you.  This article is aimed at giving you a few basic guidelines to help you on your shopping trip.  Consider each of these criteria when choosing your jacket and you’ll be sure to find a great one.

Durability of the fabric

When you are shopping for a jacket, an important distinction should be made between the ski jackets Canada’s retailers’ offer and an everyday “all purpose” jacket.  A ski jacket is made for, well, skiing. A ski jacket needs to be much more durable than an average winter jacket because it has to stand up to the elements and allow for free range of motion on the slopes.  If you are looking for a true ski jacket, there are certain things to keep in mind.  One of those is the durability of the fabric.

A good-quality ski jacket will be made of polyester or woven nylon, both of which are made to withstand the wind, cold and moisture that characterizes dinner.  Because the fabric durable and high performance, true ski jackets typically have a higher price tag than everyday jackets.  But, if you need your jacket to stand up to the rigours of outdoor winter activities, spending the extra on a ski jacket will be worth every penny.

Another thing to look at when purchasing a ski jacket is the seams.  There are several different types of seams, each with its own benefits.

Fully taped seams

A jacket that features fully taped seams will have all of the stitched seams in the garment taped, which increases the waterproofing of the jacket.  A waterproof tape is glued inside and outside the seam, preventing the penetration of water at the seams, which are generally a very vulnerable spot.  A jacket will fully taped seams will offer the most protection against moisture, but it will also cost a bit more.  Even more upper-end jackets will include something called welded seams, which offer and even higher level of waterproof protection.

Critically taped seams

Critically taped seams are a more affordable option on a ski jacket.  On a jacket with critically taped seams, only some of the seams are taped and protected against the penetration of water or moisture.  This is as opposed to a jacket with fully taped seams, in which every seam is protected.  Critically taped seams shouldn’t be a deterrent from buying the jacket, however.  Unless you are an avid winter outdoors person and spend long periods of time immersed in deep snow, etc.  Critically taped seams will offer you a more than adequate level of moisture protection.

Keep these tips in mind next time you are in the market for a new ski jacket.