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It is a long-standing joke that men’s socks are likely to cause a stinky situation, have multiple holes and be strewn all over the floor. Blame it on clichéd serials as socks are an integral person of a man’s formal attire.

Here we bring you some of the best socks for men in the world:

1. Tommy Hilfiger Dress Socks

It is an interesting fact that “Tommy Hilfiger” is actually a subsidiary label owned by Phillips-Van Heusen. Tommy Hilfiger socks are known to be specifically styled machine and hand washable one of the more affordable ones among this listicle. These are socks that have a slightly younger demographic customers who want to put some style into their fashion choices.

2. Ralph Lauren Dress Socks

Polo Ralph Lauren is famous for its embroidered polo logo signifying class and elegance. These designer socks boast of being seamless, antimicrobial and having a free size. It is hard to go wrong with any Polo dress socks and the range of colors and styles is vast.
Most styles are cotton and nylon blends with styles reflecting the modern man to an ivy-league preppie look. All are extremely comfortable.

3. Paul Smith

Made in Italy, Paul Smith socks are identified by its unique styling of stripes and not just the black and white variety. This is no doubt a brand for the young and funky as these socks have so many array of colours in pattern and spots. Choose the right assortment of colors to suit the occasion as they can easily be acceptable for non-formal and formal wear.

4. Happy Socks

These socks have the distinction of being made from combed cotton. Designed in Sweden and produced in Turkey, these combed-cotton are the best in terms of design and material. These colorful socks are stretchy, do not fade and are machine washable. The lead designer and founder of Happy Socks, Viktor Tell worked as a graphic designer before taking over the fashion industry which explains the hundreds of designs available. Beginning at Rs.1000 a pair, they are a great way to add personality to an outfit.

5. Alexander McQueen

To go to the end of the spectrum of socks is Alexander McQueen, whose iconic skull pattern is knitted on the socks averaging at a whopping Rs 5500. The designer label justifies the cost by providing customers with a thick knit cotton and spandex mix which is guaranteed to keep your feet toasty. They are characterized by a nylon reinforced heel and toe for better balance.

6. Burlington Leeds

Burlington leeds are designed for a utility purpose than a fancy design as they are made from an apparent temperature-regulating wool yet very skin friendly. Ideal for men living in cold temperatures but they also come in an ankle-length or a medium length variety making it usable in hot climate too.
Being the best comes with a price tag that’s eye-opening too! However keep in mind that here is nothing more expensive than low-cost socks. Being the thriftier of the both sexes, men learn should understand that they can save both time and money in the long run by buying good quality socks.

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