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So winters are finally here, and so are we to give you the ultimate styling and beauty tips this season so that you can step out in style with those fiery looks. Who says winters are boring with all the woollen stuff and boring clothes? There are ways to look killer and stay warm at the same time. As temperature drops, either you could hide in your blankets or you could get up, dress to impress and enjoy every bit of the season. Scroll below for the many tips that can help you in this season.

Embrace fur (or faux fur!)

Winters are almost incomplete without wearing our favourite fur coat or sweaters and showing off that class and elegance. The great advantage of this piece of cloth is that you can combine it with almost anything. A great fur coat with stylish pair of warm leggings, fur sweater with sexy pair of jeans, or a great pair of warm furry boots, with an outfit and an evening clutch bag of your choice. Go on, have fun with it! After all, only now is the time when you can flaunt this baby!
PRO BEAUTY TIP: To compliment that soft fur with soft skin, don’t forget to moisturise your skin with some great body oil or oil-based body lotion immediately after you shower or before stepping out in the harsh weather.

A Show Stopper Hat/Cap Is Never A Bad Idea

The first instinct in the winters is to cover your head with some warm hats or caps. And what would be better than revamping your caps with some latest trends popular in the market? From snappy casual trapper hats to stylish beanies to structured hats, there are ample choices to pick from. A pair of leggings, graphic tee, combat boots and boyfriend cardigans with a cap or hat of your choice seems perfect, right?
PRO BEAUTY TIP: Since your hair is more prone to dryness in this season, try making a trip to your favourite salon for some revitalizing hair spa and try oiling them at home during weekends.

Time To Play With Those Scarves

We all agree with this, winters are almost incomplete without a pair of stylish and warm scarf. And with a thousand choices of styling them, the fun becomes even more apparent. You can also opt for a belt on the top of a jacket for a hot look or tying them around your head for that retro feel. And the best thing about scarves? They look stunning on both men and women. A warm furry scarf, simple yet elegant cardigan, a denim button down shirt, and a woollen skirt with favourite boots is our pick of choice for you!
PRO BEAUTY TIP: Don’t get into this misconception that you don’t need sunscreen in winters. Your skin is as prone to UV rays and damage in winters as it is in summers. So always carry along a bottle of sunscreen with you while going out and also make it a habit to apply it before stepping into the open.

The Ooh-So-Sexy Boots

Note this down, a great winter style definitely boils down to a great pair of boots. The ankle length boots with cuffed jeans or dress and a silver clutch, over-the-knee boots with a short dress or snow boots and inventive outfit, the most exciting thing about these babies is that they never disappoint you. Whether you want to dance, or walk, or stomp, make boots your favourite companion and you will have all the eyes glued on you.
PRO BEAUTY TIP: It is extremely necessary to keep yourself hydrated during the winters to keep dry skin at bay and keep your hands and feet soft and nourished. Take plenty of warm drinks such as hot chocolates and hot coffee while avoiding alcoholic drinks as they dehydrate the skin.

Become An Ultimate Layering Pro

So layering is the new hot trend of the season and do you know why? Because it ofcourse is a massively practical way to dress when it is cold and dry and uncomfortable outside. And winters are the only time when you need to find a way to layer your clothes that no one will notice so add as many layers as possible, a chic hat, a cardigan, a coat, a Jean jacket, a scarf and high socks. Stylish yet cozy!
PRO BEAUTY TIP:  To reveal the soft skin from underneath your dry skin, opt for a good quality and mild exfoliator to scrub away those dead skin cells. You can also head to your kitchen to find a safe scrub that can include oatmeal, green tea or other such ingredients.
So go on, be ready to turn all the heads around with our styling and beauty tips this season! Happy Winters!

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