Travelling is a wonderful experience for both the mind and the body, so why not make it beneficial for planet Earth too? Cycling is a great way to stay in shape, see much more of the great country you’re exploring and it also prevents too much air pollution. So, considering cycling has so many benefits for you and the planet, it would be a great idea if you took the chance to explore Australia precisely on two wheels. Therefore, we bring to you the top five cycling trips you can take around Australia and have the time of your life.

Maria Island

For those who hate traffic, Tasmania’s Maria Island is the best cycling tour choice. In this area, you won’t come across anyone but wandering kangaroos, Cape Barren geese and wombats. The whole island is filled with wide tracks that are a true gem for all the cyclists and walkers. The cycling options are vast, so you’ll have a chance to spend a day pedalling to the isthmus, take a ride the Painted Cliffs or cruise around the industrial relics at Darlington. Make sure you pack enough food and supplies, since you won’t find any store on the island.

Great Ocean Road

The most famously scenic road in Australia will be a true delight to cycle through, offering you spectacular views of cliffs, rainforests, ocean stacks and beaches. Take your time and cycle at your own pace as you enjoy the marvellous scenery that the Land Down Under has. You can go from Torquay and cycle to Warrnambool, taking about five days to reach the end point while you enjoy every second of the exciting journey. Just make sure you don’t travel during peak season to avoid all the traffic jams and travel safely.

Mawson Trail

The Mawson Trail trip will start in Adelaide, leading you north through the Adelaide Hills, the Barossa Valley and the Mid North country around Melrose and Quorn straight into the fascinating Flinders Ranges. Keep in mind that it is one of the most challenging Australian rides, which means only comfortable and powerful electric bikes will be able to withstand the rocky roads and off-road paths while still providing you with enough comfort to let you enjoy the ride. It would be a good idea if you went on this particular ride during spring, since summer months can be too hot, while the clay soils may pose a problem during winter.

Tasmanian East Coast

One of Australia’s finest multi-day cycle tours is by far the one around Tasmania’s East Coast. If you start from Launceston, turning east you’ll get the chance to pedal through gorgeous hills all the way to the coast at St Helens. Should you decide to go south from there, you can use the opportunity to take a detour to the Freycinet Peninsula, and then continue through the beautiful beaches until you reach Hobart. For true hill lovers, an additional trip around Tasmania’s west coast will be the ultimate cycling experience.

Gourmet Cycling Tour of the Barossa

South Australia’s Barossa is the closest image to a vineyard heaven you can imagine, and you can explore it on your bicycle. If you take a five-day tour, you’ll be able to taste some of the finest gourmet food and wine of the region. Cycling between 25 and 35 kilometres a day, you’ll need some serious stamina and good shape to handle this cycling tour. The renowned Riesling Trail and Clare Valley’s 25-kilometre rail trail are also some of the stops you’ll make on this exciting tour, and you can also attend a tasting master class at a boutique winery, visit arts and crafts stores and make this cycling tour truly exceptional.

From Maria Island through the Great Ocean Road and to gourmet tasting tours, Australia offers a vast choice of thrilling cycling experiences. All you have to do is choose the one you think will offer you the best adventure, invest in a quality bicycle and start the journey of your life.