The dress you wear shows the kind of a person you are and reflect your taste, apart from flaunting your elegance and style. Therefore, wearing your dresses needs specific knowhow as to when you should wear it and how you should wear it. A true fashion lover has all the types of dresses in the wardrobe, but every dress has a right time and a right place to wear it. Different social functions and occasions demand you to look in a certain way. Therefore, you must know when to wear cocktail dresses and when it is okay to be in formals or casuals.

Occasion for Cocktail Dress

Ideally, there are five occasions when you can wear cocktail dresses. You will, definitely, feel out of the place if you wear such a dress in a jungle themed birthday party of a two-year-old or even when you stroll down the boardwalk. Ideally, these dresses are worn in places where you will need to show more of your personality than just your basic dress. You can wear a cocktail dress in your office party or in a wedding reception. You can also wear it for any dinner invitation or a charity gala. Few people even wear such a cocktail dress in their prom, dates or fancy parties.

Features of Cocktail Dresses

The features and designs of the cocktail dresses can be varied and extensive and it all depends on your personal preferences and choices.

  • The length of the dress can be mid-thigh or ankle length, depending on how it accentuates best the shape of your body.
  • The material of the dress can also vary, ranging from a silky fabric that looks romantic or to the most modest cotton fabric.
  • The styles, colors, and pattern of the cocktail dresses are also unlimited and therefore, choosing a cocktail dress is very easy under normal circumstances.

However, if you want your cocktail dress to fall into the limited category, you will need to follow a few basic points to find the right cocktail dress.

The Types

Ideally, there are five types of cocktail dresses that you can wear in a wide variety of circumstances.

  • Bold cocktail dress – Such gowns are bold and have different unconventional designs but does not make the dress look vulgar or trashy. It may be short, sleeveless or tight with a plunging neckline but in the end, it all depends on how nicely you carry it off.
  • Maternity cocktail dress – This is a specific design that replaces the frumpy maternity clothes with modern, sleek and sophisticated clothing. Just make sure that you do not buy these far too in advance as your body will continue to grow and change during pregnancy.
  • Plus size cocktail dress – Women who are bigger in size are also not left behind as with these dresses, a plus-size woman can also bring attention to their best features.
  • Vintage cocktail dress – Appropriate for any occasion, this dress depicts elegance and taste. You can choose the best from the virtually limitless choices.
  • Black cocktail dress – This dress is a staple dress as many women prefer the color black. The black color is considered to be both neutral and formal color, acting as a canvas to show your accessories and embellishments in a better way.

Choosing the Perfect Dress

If you want to make your collection of dresses more stylish be careful to choose the right cocktail dresses.

Make sure that the dress has a short hemline, which is the signature feature of cocktail dresses. It is not necessary that it has to be an expensive piece, but always look for style, elegance and the gorgeousness of the clothing when you choose one. It is better to know your body type to choose the right design and pattern so that you can wear it with confidence.